Nicky Hayden MTV Show Trailer: The Kentucky Kid

Ever since the announcement that MTV would be showing a reality TV show based around the life of Nicky Hayden, there has been much hand-wringing among hardcore MotoGP fans that the show might trivialize their favorite sport. Now that the show has been announced, and is due to be screened on MTV in the US on November 16th, speculation has started to rise to a fever pitch about whether the show will do the sport justice.

Now, MotoGP fans can get decide for themselves. Kelly Welsh, the co-executive producer for the show, called The Kentucky Kid, sent us a trailer of the show. We think it looks like being gripping, thrilling, and passionate, and will show the MotoGP and the sport of motorcycle racing very much as it really is.

The show follows Nicky Hayden during the final two races of the 2006 season, in which he so dramatically became champion, and the first part of the 2007 season, when he struggled to come to terms with the new 800 cc motorcycle many said was designed to suit his team mate, and not him.

So far, the show is only due to be screened in the US. If you want your local MTV network to air the show, go to their website and drop them a line.

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