Wild Rumors Abound: Schumacher To Race 3 MotoGP Races In 2008

It sounds almost too bizarre to be true, and our research has failed to turn up any further confirmation, but the Spanish website DailyMotos.com is reporting that Michael Schumacher is to take part in three MotoGP races in 2008. According to DailyMotos, Ducati were so impressed by the times set by Schumacher during his test after the final race of 2007 at Valencia. Ducati have allegedly put Schumacher on a special diet, given the German F1 World Champion training advice, and banned him from going skiing. Schumacher is supposed to appear at several MotoGP tests in preparation for his wildcard appearances, starting at Sepang.

~~~ UPDATED ~~~

This story was originally posted on the Spanish website DailyMotos.com on December 28th, also known in Spain as "el Dia de los Santos Innocentes", the Day of the Innocent Saints. On this day, it is usual for Spaniards to play tricks on each other, and for the media to try and pass off fake stories as news, as a joke. In other words, this story looks like being the Spanish version of April Fools...

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