Spies To Ride Both US MotoGP Rounds

There had already been plenty of speculation, but now there's yet more confirmation: Ben Spies is getting ready to make the switch to MotoGP. On Thursday, he told Roadracing World that he'll be racing both US MotoGP rounds, at both Indianapolis and Laguna Seca. He also told Roadracing World that he hopes to have two tests lined up on the Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP bike before the races. This would allow Spies to arrive at the races reasonably well-prepared, and given that Laguna Seca is one of Spies' favorite tracks, and a track he is nigh on unbeatable at, it raises hopes that Spies could actually be competitive there.

Spies has a contract with Yoshimura Suzuki until the end of 2008, and plans to move to MotoGP in 2009, reportedly in a team to be run by Spies' friend and mentor Kevin Schwantz. But as he told Roadracing World, "nothing's signed yet."

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