Ducati And Dorna Quash Schumacher Rumors

The rumors that Michael Schumacher was preparing to race in MotoGP as a wildcard, which we reported here earlier, are turning out to be just that, rumors. According to Autosport.com, both Carmelo Ezpeleta, the CEO of Dorna, and Ducati team boss Livio Suppo rejected the suggestion out of hand. Suppo denied ever having spoken to the German Formula 1 champion about the matter, and Ezpeleta dismissed the rumor with a joke: "Maybe we'll have him racing with Kimi Raikkonen in a sidecar!"

Any prospect of Schumacher turning his hand to professional motorcycle racing is looking increasingly improbable. MotoGP is very much a young man's game, and with Schumacher due to turn 39 this year, he has his age against him.

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