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MotoGP, like all forms of motorcycle racing, generates a great deal of passion among its followers. And passion is an emotion which always has a need to find expression in one form or another. That passion is what prompted me to set up this website, and prompts me to keep it running.

The passion that MotoGP evokes is also evident in the responses posted here to news stories, race reports and race items. Some stories just seem to generate a lot of debate, and unfortunately, the software this site is currently running on makes full and frank discussions very difficult to achieve.

To respond to this demand, we have now set up our own forum, as a place to continue the intelligent and insightful debate that this site is fortunate to generate. There are of course many other forums about motorcycle racing on the internet, such as the excellent forums, or the Autosport forums, as well as racing forums on other boards, such as Adventure Rider, Performance Bikes Magazine forum, the Bay Area Riders Forum BARF,, or Visordown. All and more of those are great places to talk about motorcycle racing. But at, we have a well-informed audience who are keen to debate. And now they can over at the forum.

This is just the first of many changes which will be coming over the next few weeks. A new site (looking very much like the old site, but working a lot better) will be up and running soon, offering more functionality, and making the site significantly easier to navigate. So to get in the mode for the new, improved, head on over to, sign up and start the debate!

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