Welcome To The New MotoGPMatters.com Website.

Hopefully, you will already have noticed the difference. The new MotoGPMatters.com website is finally in the air!

After two and a half years of struggling along on software which was not really up to handling the loads being placed on it, we have finally migrated all of our existing content to a brand new system, which will be a vast improvement on the old site.

There is still a lot of work to be done on the site, including another minor redesign, the addition of yet more functionality, rebuilding the list of links to external websites, and the migration of the old comments into the new system. That will all have to wait until the summer break, but I'm just delighted that we have a newer, better site ready and online.

Feel free to leave comments here, or e-mail them to david.emmett@motogpmatters.com

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Great improvement David. Lots of things. Well done. And I don't get that fat line anymore where a banner used to lie across the text (I'm using RISC OS). Proost!

Much more better, easier. New site is good for searching and reading. Also, work well on firefox. Cheers!

I'm just posting a comment to see if I can. It wouldn't work with my laptop running vista previosly. So if you can read this its a good addition to an already excellent site.

This looks great and adds a couple of things that make it a lot easier like the "#new posts" letting you know if there is stuff you haven't read.


Also, I can now post on my work laptop (IE). The only problem I see with IE is theformatting looks weird if the window is minimized. The main text shows up under the Google ads.