First Pictures Of Ben Spies In Rizla Suzuki Gear

Friend of and outstanding photographer Scott Jones of Turn2Photography attended the Day of Champions at Donington today, and spoke briefly to Ben Spies.

Here's what Scott told us:

"I spoke briefly to Spies when he came out of the garage to sign from autographs. He said that the light blue of Rizla felt fine except when he put his new leathers on—then he mimicked walking stiffly which seemed a metaphor for the unfamiliar feel of the 800 machine compared to his GSX-R in the darker Yoshimura blue. He said that the 800 felt “just a bit” different from his bike back home with a sardonic smile.

I asked if Vermeulen and Capirossi had been helped him adjust to the new bike, and he said that Chris hadn’t spoken to him much, but that Loris would help him when he arrived on Friday. When I asked how the overall experience was going he said it was fine except that he didn’t know where he was going, in reference to the unfamiliar Donington track."

Spies in powder blue Rizlas
Ben Spies

Elbowz Bike

Ben Spies' Suzuki

Ruben's gone, here comes Ben.
Spies #11
Spies and the Rizla Suzuki crew

Spies and crew

An extra 1
Ben Spies' Suzuki

Gratuitous Art Shot

Ben Spies' Suzuki


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Perhaps bludgeoning the obvious, but for those who don't know, that first "1" features the Texas flag, and the second "1" would be the more commonly known American flag...