Coming Live From Laguna Seca!

As regular readers of this website may know, it is not often that we get to attend a MotoGP race. Without the access provided by a press pass, it would be nigh on impossible to provide the kind of coverage that readers of have come to expect from trackside. And obtaining press accreditation for MotoGP events is no easy feat for online publications, as websites that cover motorcycle racing are required to make a financial contribution before obtaining media access.

We are therefore both delighted and excited to announce that we have finally made it into the paddock. Scott Jones, the outstanding photographer who has been gracious enough to allow us feature his work on this website, will be attending the US Grand Prix as the official photographer for, with full media access. This means that he will be able to provide us with news and photos from the inside the paddock, and places around the track not open to the public. Considering the oustanding photos he provided last year, when he attended with a general admission ticket, this year's pictures should be even better.

We are especially delighted about this, as we would not have been able to do this without the kind contributions of the many people who have donated to Without these contributions, we simply could not have afforded to cover the extra costs which media accreditation involves over and above the normal price of entry.

As the person who started, with really just a single post on a personal blog, I am immensely proud that we have finally got the official recognition which I believe we deserve. With over 45,000 visitors to in July, and media accreditation from Dorna, we may finally be about to make the next step in improving MotoGP coverage on the site. The Laguna Seca MotoGP round is going to be something very special indeed.


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That's awesome. I'll be part of the throng during the day, but I'll be checking my computer at night to read about what really happened! Good for you. It's that first foot in the door that is so hard. You are now a legitimate news source officially sanctioned by the gods of motorcycling themselves.

hello from los angeles !

this is monumental. thank you to scott and bravo to you !

i have not only thoroughly enjoyed your commentary, i have followed you and have very much wondered where this was going. today the answer came. i dig watching trends on the net. my employer is a global outfit and is billed by the industry as the largest media company on the net. that said, watching trends is not merely a casual interest. you, along with a number of other sites that function together in a harmony only rivaled by that produced by the throaty voices of 18 exotic machines being held back by nothing more than red lights. it is yours and these others which are the future. you are collectively the cream of the crop of motogp journalism. you ARE the trend setters.

(drawing from my profession) ... 800x600 images on the net are a dime a dozen. pedestrian even. the sites that set the standards for images (and there are many), present in hi def. you have set the standard for the written word. now i truly hope you guys are planning on the same in images. wallpaper size !! i'd say it would be beffiting of the occassion of this partnership which will be seen around the world. if you feel the urge to go small, fight it ! we already have the motogp machine which has adopted the pre-turn-of-the-century music industry mentallity (and we know what happened to them) . looking forward to seeing a bold statement !!


lights are red, rev's to redlines

Thanks for the tips! We'll bear it in mind, and think about how to get those images online. We are already working on desktop images from last year and from Donington, and we will have a look at how to get reasonably hi-res (at least 2048 wide in either widescreen or standard format) to use as desktops. These might not go up immediately, at least, not at that resolution, but they may go up later.

Oh, and if your employer wants to catch a piece of the action, then I'm all ears! ;-)

Although I have to say I really like your underground status, this is a great and well earned achievement.

Félicitations, M. Krop !

your analysis are already great as they are but if you can have even more info about what is said and done in the paddock then it's gonna be fantastic !!

it's always reassuring to see that good work pays ;-))