Full Set Of Laguna Seca Desktop Images Online

We gave you a little appetizer earlier, now we have the full 19 course meal. Scott Jones' fantastic photographs shot at Laguna Seca as MotoGPMatters.com's official representative are now online, and ready to gracefully adorn your desktop.

You can find them here:


Here's a taster, to let you know what you're in for:

Valentino Rossi

Nicky Hayden

Casey Stoner

See the rest of the images over here


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Awesome shots, you rock!

Any chance of getting shots in (especially Stoner) 1680x1050 (standard widescreen res for large monitors)


Sorry to be picky - but could we get a copy of Scott Jones' photo of The Corkscrew without the Red Bull adverts pasted on top? Thanks.

The trouble with that picture of The Corkscrew is that those Red Bull adverts are hoardings around the side of the track. There's no way to photograph that corner without shooting those advertising signs - and as Red Bull pays for the US GP, they make sure there's plenty of them. The only thing you could try is cropping the photo to remove the advertising signs. Sorry.