Yet More Of Jules Cisek's Laguna Seca Photos

No need for an introduction this time, just straight into more of Jules Cisek's fabulous photographs from Laguna Seca.

Typical Californian weather: foggy and cold

Laguna Seca MotoGP


You know you're in trouble when you have to use intermediates in the dry

Nicky Hayden at Laguna Seca on intermediates


Of course, if you had Bridgestones, the conditions didn't bother you

Casey Stoner at Laguna Seca 


Alex de Angelis, Qualifying, Laguna Seca


Laguna's front straight, not long, but still fast

Valentino Rossi, Laguna Seca, Qualifying



Not so much Elbowz as Kneez

Ben Spies, Laguna Seca, Qualifying


The edge of the world

Casey Stoner, Warmup, Laguna Seca


Three riders, three lines at the Corkscrew

Laguna Seca Corkscrew, MotoGP Warmup


Right a bit

Casey Stoner, Laguna Seca, Corkscrew


Almost as loud as the bikes


It was like this for most of the race

Valentino Rossi leads Casey Stoner at the US GP at Laguna Seca


This distracted attention from the great battles further down the field

Spies, Capirossi, Elias, Edwards and Hacking at Laguna Seca


Dovi chasing Nicky's ride

Andrea Dovizioso catches Nicky Hayden at Laguna Seca


Colin Edwards: great looking bike, not-so-great looking result

Colin Edwards at Laguna Seca


The winner

Valentino Rossi on his victory lap, Laguna Seca


Thanks once again to Jules for allowing us to use these photos, and be sure to check the rest of Jules' great pictures.

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