Riders Ask For Five Changes To Improve Safety

Yesterday, we reported that all 17 current MotoGP riders had held a meeting to discuss safety with Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta. That meeting took place behind closed doors, and so the exact details of what was discussed were not made public, although it was an open secret that the riders had asked for a single tire rule.

Fortunately for us, the Spanish sports daily AS.com is very well connected, and has managed to find out just what the ideas were that the riders presented to Dorna. The riders had 5 proposals to improve safety:

  1. The adoption of a single tire manufacturer;
  2. A directer connection between the throttle and the rider's wrist, so that the riders not left at the mercy of the electronics quite so much;
  3. Narrower wheels and tires, to reduce grip levels and force riders to go more slowly;
  4. A return to the 990cc formula, with a top speed limit enforced by electronics, or else;
  5. Adding more weight to the 800cc bikes, to make them less agile.

The most interesting part of the single tire rule was that all of the Michelin riders were in favor of the proposal, but accepted by only a majority of the Bridgestone riders. A single tire rule would be the easiest proposal to implement, closely followed by narrower tires and wheels. With proposals on tires being mooted at almost every race, a single tire rule is looking almost inevitable.


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#4 and #5 don't make any sense to me...   who the hell came up with those?

i think the single tire rule is being sought for reasons other than safety at this point...

Narrower tyres is an interesting one. Seems the most sensible way to proceed. As has been said, tyre manufacturers will sort themselves out soon enough.

A return to 990 might be nice, especially with talk of the proposed 600s.

Narrower tires is something I had not even considered. A rather novel concept.

In my thinking, the two things needed to get racing back to where it needs to be are less "perfect" tires and more horsepower. Since this season has shown that smaller displacement and higher corner speeds do not actually make racing safer. lt's do something that we know works.