TV Schedule For Indianapolis MotoGP Round In The US - It's On NBC

Though the coverage of MotoGP on network television will be incredibly useful for raising the profile of our favorite sport among casual viewers in the USA, it has confused the DVRs of many regular MotoGP fans. In vain do they search the Speed TV schedules for broadcast times for the season's second US GP.

The reason for their confusion is the fact that Speed is not showing the MotoGP race from Indy. Instead, the race will be shown by NBC, as the last instalment of a four race package the network secured prior to the start of the season. The race will be shown live, at 3PM EDT. Check your local NBC affiliate for more details, or keep an eye on the incredibly useful TV Racer website.

The good news - if such it can be called - is that all will be back to normal after Indy, and Speed TV will show the rest of the season's MotoGP races, usually on the same day, but mostly not live. 

Remember to tip off any friends you have who may have missed out on the news that NBC will be carrying the Indy race. The return of motorcycle racing to The Brickyard after 99 years is not something they will want to miss.

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Ok, so maybe I was beginning to panic. Sue me. According to the guide, Cox Communications here in Vegas will have the race live on FOX.