Hurricane Ike Could Make Indy Race Time A Complete Gamble

With the broadcast schedule of the Indianapolis MotoGP race already confusing US fans, as the race is due to be shown on NBC rather than Speed, now it's the turn of the rest of the world. Hurricane Ike, which has already devastated the charming Texan port town of Galveston, as well as causing huge damage in Houston, looks set to turn its vicious hand to the infinitely more trivial task of upsetting the schedule of the inaugural Indianapolis MotoGP round.

The remains of Ike are due to pass over the Indianapolis area tomorrow afternoon, right in the middle of the race schedule. And after the experience of riding in semi-flooded conditions on Friday, the MotoGP safety commission have decided that riding in similarly underwater conditions would make racing far too dangerous. If the rain was as bad as Friday, the riders could simply refuse to race.

So far, no decisions have been made, with a spokesperson for IMS saying that so far, any talk of changes would be "just speculation", but one possible option, if the forecasts are for torrential rain in the afternoon, is to move the race to the morning. The safety commission is due to examine the forecast this evening, and a decision could be taken by then. 

If the weather did force the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to change or even abandon the schedule, it would be both tragic and ironic in equal measure. The IMS is probably the best-run and incredibly efficient organization to have a MotoGP round, and to be floored by the one thing that they couldn't control - the weather - would be very cruel indeed.

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