Images From The Indy Mile - A Piece Of American Racing Heritage

To understand American motorcycle racing, you have to understand flat track: large capacity motorcycles running as fast as possible round a mostly oval dirt track without a front brake. The sight and sound is impressive, and seeing crowds of riders firing into a corner with the rear kicked out is one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles on the planet.

It's a spectacle you have to see, and of all the flat track races held in the US, the Indy Mile is the most famous. And fortunately for us, Tim White, one of the most promising motorcycle photographers currently working in the US, attended the Indy Mile, and sent us his photos. Enjoy!

Chris Carr at the Indy Mile

Flat Track Legend Chris Carr during qualifying.

Nichole Cheza at the Indy Mile

Pink And Fast: Nichole Cheza

Henry Wiles at the Indy Mile flat track

Henry Wiles during practice

Chris Carr at the Indy Mile

Chris Carr during the heat

Ken Coolbeth at the Indy Mile 

Ken Coolbeth leads the pack.

Chris Carr leads heat at Indy Mile

Chris Carr leads his heat

Chris Carr ahead of Sam Halbert at Indy Mile\

Chris Carr leads Sam Halbert

Nicky Hayden at the Indy Mile

Nicky Hayden has unfinished business at the mile: he needs to win one to achieve a grand slam.

Willie G. Davidson at the Indy Mile

Harley-Davidson still make racing motorcycles, and Willie G. came to take a look.

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Tim, some beautiful shots of the Indy Mile. It's great for those who can't go see a dirt track race to see such fantastic shots of this type of racing. Thanks Tim, for contributing these images and thank, Kropotkin, for bringing this series to MotoGP fans!