Coming Soon - The Motorcycle Racing Calendar

The 2008 motorcycle racing season may have finally ended - barring a few formalities such as testing - but the die-hard racing fan's mind is already on the 2009 season. A new season opens a new world of opportunity, and with so many changes, new faces on new bikes, as well as old faces on new bikes, we have all winter to spend thinking about what will happen next year.

But any such speculation requires proper planning, and proper planning requires that you keep up-to-date with what is going on in the world of motorcycle racing. To help you plan your life, and your vacation days next year, we at have prepared a racing calendar, charting the 2009 schedules of both MotoGP and World Superbikes, as well as marking the birthdays of the main protagonists of both series.

Each month features one of Scott Jones' beautiful photographs, as well as a listing of birthdays and race rounds. A short note also keeps you up-to-date on the events to be expected that month. It is the ultimate gift for the motorcycle racing fan who already has everything, or else an acceptable replacement if your budget won't quite run to that 1098R he or she asked for.


Month layout

Back cover.


Pricing is to be announced shortly. Calendars will be shipped to the US & Canada, the European Union, and Australia and New Zealand. You will be able to order your copy of the sometime in the coming week, with shipping taking place shortly afterwards. Send any enquiries to

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Nice job...But..let\\\'s hope Dorna doesn\\\'t get uppity or find out about this......if they did, Scott may not be able to ever get a credential...I used to sell prints and they shut me might want to check with them first...

I've been looking for a solid MotoGP calendar for some time now.  RRX had one if you renewed your subscription, but they don't offer that every year.  You can count me in for one!

I want one. But CAJ's question is a good one. I hope you have all that figured out. 


Fantastic for the Hollyday Season presents.

I will be ordering several for my friends!

Keep up the Good Work!