Rossi Could Switch To Formula One In 2011

Speculation on the future of Valentino Rossi continues apace, and such speculation has only been added to by an interview with The Doctor published by the Italian sports daily Corriere dello Sport. In it, he tells the paper that he is seriously considering making the switch to Formula One for the 2011 season. "In the hypothetical situation that I could choose between any option I wanted, which is unrealistic, then today the thing that excites me most would be race in Formula One," Rossi said.

This does not mean that he has lost interest in the WRC series, though. "With rallying, I still have plenty of time to decide what I want to do, to race at the top level; But at 35, I'm afraid I'd be too old to race in Formula One."

Rossi was particularly pleased with his pace in the Ferrari at his recent test at Mugello, and was disappointed that it rained on the second day. "If we had the same weather on the second day, we could have gone a second faster. I think we could have run a 1'21," Rossi told the Corriere dello Sport.

For the moment, Rossi still prefers bikes, though. "Riding the bike is more natural to me," he said. "One big difference is that with the bike, a big part of the control is in the movement of your body. With the car, it is all technical. That's the reason I like the bike better than the car."


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