Moto2 Class Confirmed In Spanish Championship For 2009

Shortly after the regulations for the new Moto2 class were announced, the RFME - the Spanish Motorcycling Federation, the organization which runs motorcycle racing in Spain - expressed an interest in running the new class as part of the Spanish CEV Championship. And now, just a few days later, the Spanish Federation has made good on that statement: In a press release issued today, the RFME announced its intention to run a Moto2 class alongside the existing CEV championship.

Exact details have not been released yet - the RFME say that they expect to release the exact technical and sporting regulations shortly - and the series will only go ahead if the RFME receive enough entries for all of the CEV rounds currently scheduled. But the hope is that enough teams will be interested to take part, and that this series will serve as a proving ground for the point at which the Moto2 class replaces the 250cc class in 2011.

The entry list for the Moto2 series will be worth watching very closely. Both the number of entrants, and the parties who choose to build bikes for this will point the way to the success of the series. Several parties are believed to be interested in the series - Moriwaki having already built a prototype - but that interest may not translate into actual participation. Oscar Gallardo, the man who runs the CEV championship, told that the series would need two weeks' notice to organize. As the CEV is due to start on April 19th, we should now exactly how much interest there is by the beginning of April.

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A national chanpionship seems like an odd place to debut a prototype class. I wonder if we'll just end up seeing some highly modified production 600s.

This is not "a" national championship, this is THE national championship. The CEV is run by Dorna - hence their interest, and the Spanish 125 championship, which this class will run alongside, is THE feeder class for the MotoGP 125 series. So it's not that strange.