32 Entries In World Superbikes, 31 In World Supersport

FIM Superbike World Championship Provisional list

No. Rider Nat. Bike Team
41 Noriyuki Haga JPN Ducati 1098R Ducati Xerox Team
84 Michel Fabrizio ITA Ducati 1098R Ducati Xerox Team
19 Ben Spies USA Yamaha YZF R1 Yamaha World Superbike
66 Tom Sykes GBR Yamaha YZF R1 Yamaha World Superbike
7 Carlos Checa ESP Honda CBR1000RR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda
65 Jonathan Rea GBR Honda CBR1000RR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda
53 Alessandro Polita ITA Ducati 1098R Sterilgarda
67 Shane Byrne GBR Ducati 1098R Sterilgarda
71 Yukio Kagayama JPN Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 Suzuki Alstare
76 Max Neukirchner GER Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 Suzuki Alstare
23 Broc Parkes AUS Kawasaki ZX 10R Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team
100 Makoto Tamada JPN Kawasaki ZX 10R Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team
24 Brendan Roberts AUS Ducati 1098R Guandalini Racing
96 Jakub Smrz CZE Ducati 1098R Guandalini Racing
15 Matteo Baiocco ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R PSG-1 Corse
86 Ayrton Badovini ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R PSG-1 Corse
55 Regis Laconi FRA Ducati 1098R DFX Corse
9 Ryuichi Kiyonari JPN Honda CBR1000RR Ten Kate Honda Racing
33 Tommy Hill GBR Honda CBR1000RR HANNspree Honda Althea
94 David Checa ESP Yamaha YZF R1 Yamaha France GMT 94 IPONE
25 David Salom ESP Kawasaki ZX 10R Team Pedercini
99 Luca Scassa ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R Team Pedercini
36 Gregorio Lavilla ESP Honda CBR1000RR Pro Ride World Superbike
3 Max Biaggi ITA Aprilia RSV4 Aprilia Racing
56 Shinya Nakano JPN Aprilia RSV4 Aprilia Racing
11 Troy Corser AUS BMW S1000 RR BMW Motorrad Team Alpha Racing
111 Ruben Xaus ESP BMW S1000 RR BMW Motorrad Team Alpha Racing
31 Karl Muggeridge AUS Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 Celani Race
77 Vittorio Iannuzzo ITA Honda CBR1000RR Squadra Corse Italia
44 Roberto Rolfo ITA Honda CBR1000RR Stiggy Motorsport AB
91 Leon Haslam GBR Honda CBR1000RR Stiggy Motorsport AB
88 Roland Resch AUT Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 TKR Suzuki Switzerland

FIM Supersport World Championship Provisional list

No. Rider Nat. Bike Team
1 Andrew Pitt AUS Honda CBR600RR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda
54 Kenan Sofuoglu TUR Honda CBR600RR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda
35 Cal Crutchlow GBR Yamaha YZF R6 Yamaha World Supersport Team
99 Fabien Foret FRA Yamaha YZF R6 Yamaha World Supersport Team
13 Anthony West AUS Honda CBR600RR Stiggy Motorsport AB
105 Gianluca Vizziello ITA Honda CBR600RR Stiggy Motorsport AB
50 Eugene Laverty IRL Honda CBR600RR Parkalgar Honda
117 Miguel Praia POR Honda CBR600RR Parkalgar Honda
77 Barry Veneman NED Suzuki GSX-R 600 Hoegee Suzuki Team
  TBA TBA Suzuki GSX-R 600 Hoegee Suzuki Team
21 Katsuaki Fujiwara JPN Kawasaki ZX-6R Kawasaki Provec Motocard.com
26 Joan Lascorz ESP Kawasaki ZX-6R Kawasaki Provec Motocard.com
8 Mark Aitchison AUS Honda CBR600RR HANNspree Honda Althea
14 Matthieu Lagrive FRA Honda CBR600RR HANNspree Honda Althea
24 Garry McCoy AUS Triumph 675 Triumph BE1 Racing
69 Gianluca Nannelli ITA Triumph 675 Triumph BE1 Racing
7 Patrick Vostarek CZE Honda CBR600RR Intermoto Czech
55 Massimo Roccoli ITA Honda CBR600RR Intermoto Czech
51 Michele Pirro ITA Yamaha YZF R6 Yamaha Lorenzini by Leoni
28 Arie Vos NED Honda CBR600RR Veidec Racing RES Software
127 Robbin Harms DEN Honda CBR600RR Veidec Racing RES Software
32 Fabrizio Lai ITA Honda CBR600RR ECHO CRS Grand Prix
83 Russell Holland AUS Honda CBR600RR ECHO CRS Grand Prix
19 Pawel Szkopek POL Triumph 675 Factory Racing
96 Matej Smrz CZE Triumph 675 Factory Racing
71 Jose Carlos Morillas Cuenca ESP Yamaha YZF R6 Holiday Gym Racing
88 Yannick Guerra ESP Yamaha YZF R6 Holiday Gym Racing
9 Danilo Dell'Omo ITA Honda CBR600RR Kuja Racing
30 Jesco Günther GER Honda CBR600RR RES Software Veidec Racing
5 Doni Tata Pradita INA Yamaha YZF R6 YZF Yamaha



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Time to change the site name to WSBKmatters.com? I dont think F1 and motogp are going to be around. They may be here, but the racing will be tedious and boring and the grids wont be filled. As you have discussed, the take away benifit of both series has decreased over the years and now its really just a big form of advertising and look at what I can do, which is fine BTW. But I cant imagine the benifits of GP cant be achived through test mules and test machines at a cheaper price. While "advertising" money is spent on production racing instead. And honestly Id rather see Ferrari fielding a Factory SpA team with 430s and 599s in a sportscar series. Ive always been more partial to sportscar vs open wheel. Its the look of the cars. Im cheap, its a crummy reason I know, but god help me i just love to see factory tuned production cars.

The exclusivity of prototype racing will always be there, but is that enough to attract top level riders? As a former pro racer, I never understood Mladin's big fish in small mentality. I always wanted to go bigger and farther. Im here now, but whats next year? Maybe he was tired and beaten up after getting a raw deal in motogp, but WSBK was always an increasing option. Im sure that Yosh/Zuki would have been happy to go bigger with Mladin. I always viewed his outlook on racing as an ego stroke. And we all know Mladin's ego. To always be first without a challenge(save Spies coming up) i just dont get that mentality. I want to earn first and race to first. Not lead the parade and cross the line first. But thats just me.

I expect Rossi to leave Motogp after his contract is up and go to WSBK. This will bring even more racers,(what GP racer wouldnt want to go where the big dog is going? Maybe the Pedrobot so he can finally win that championship) even more money, and even more fans. At least I hope he does. GP has the unfortunate problem of becoming boring after the first few races and I see how racers and their machines are going to perform for the rest of the year. WSBK with the banging and passing has produced far more exciting results and racing the past few years.

Go Spies!!! And I hate Yamaha.

MotoGP has much better brand recognition and nothing in the name says "has to be prototype"... it's just moto and gp :)

merge the two series together as MotoGP and david doesn't have to change the name of the site :D

i too have a feeling VR46 will end up in WSBK at some point. at which point MotoGP is going to be in more pain than ever before; he's the primary draw to the series right now. JL48 may step up to some degree there and CS27 is no slouch, obviously, but it'll take more than the wackjob and the machine to make the sport exciting.

btw, smaller grids are actually not a terrible thing. when you know every single rider on the grid and they stay from year to year you develop a long term relationship with the sport. the danger is when someone decides they've had enough and pull out. 2 bikes gone in WSBK is hardly a blip. in MotoGP it's a disaster.


 @Jules--good points. There is also the question of whether or not fighting through back markers should be part of title chases. You never have 30 bikes within 2 seconds of each other per lap, right? So at some point the fastest are going to reach traffic toward the end of the race, and anything can happen then. I don't like to see a slower rider affect the podium through a mistake or just bad luck while he's being lapped. 

...Rossi leaves. I just can't see him moving to WSBK unless MotoGP becomes completely irrelevent. Right now, he is facing the stiffest competition of his career and a move to WSBK would remove that entirely. And for likely less money. Rossi wants a close race and I'm sorry to say it but he is a lot more likley to get it in MotoGP than WSBK. Why would he do that?

From my thinking, I do not want to see the MotoGP grid reduced but as long as we have three bikes in real contention as the best on the field as well as riders capable of taking advantage of those bikes, I will watch MotoGP. Stoner and Hayden, Pedrosa and Dovizioso, Rossi and Lorenzo. You just can't tell me that WSBK has that level of talent and even going to 15 bikes doesn't change that.

The rules themselves in the rule book specify that it must be a prototype series. Nothing in the name sure, but what good is name recognition if you have 10 guys running everyweekend? As it stands now positions 1-15 get points. Do we really want less than 15 riders to grid up? I gotta be honest. That is just lame. Everyone gets points now? This is the equivilent to chnaging the grade F to something else so the kids dont feel bad about flunking. At least to me it is.

I think medium size grids are a fine thing but the pts structure needs to be restructured to pay out based on the number of grid entries at the start of the season. If you have 12 bikes, only 1-6 should get points. If you have 30 bikes, then 1-15 should be paid. Pts should be given to the riders that do better than the lowest half. Otherwise its seems a fruitless exercize and you reward suckitude. Oh look at me Im John Hopkins and I torpedoed my career by signing with Kawasaki!!! I finished 12 give me points!!! Sorry I just had to dig the guy. Worst move ever!!!! Head to WSBK Hop.

As for laped traffic. I see it as all part of the race. Do we have problems in the mixed classes of endurance racing where you have GT1, 2, and 3 classes all running at the same time? Granted one knowingly enters into this race knowing they will be passed by a GT1 car and that a GT1 entry knows he has to deal with GT3s. If you are truely that much faster than the last placed guy then im sure you can work around. How many times has this come up where the lapped rider tries to race the 2 leaders? They usually pull right over and let them go. I cant help but feel that this is all just part of racing and the fastest guys know that they might come up on the back of the pack when they throw a leg over. Id hate to see a final TITLE race affected over a lapped rider, but simple podium positions? Come on now. A direct title outcome like the final 2006 race Id hate to see lappers screw that up, but the 1st or even 10th race of the season? Not a big deal to me. No one ever has a perfect season with no mistakes or something that couldnt have been done better. To put the crux of a championship title on a lapper in race #4 of 18 is a pathetic excuse for your own short comings as a rider I feel. You have 17 other races to capitalize on other people's mistakes. That strikes me as something that Albert Puig would do. Blame 1 single incident as the crux of the championship for your rider.

Id like to see Rossi, Hayden, Stoner, Lorenzo, Edwards(triumphant return!) Hopper, and Melandri head to WSBK. But I love to watch head to head competition and MotoGp just aint doing it these days. Id actually like to see most of the MotoGP grid there except for Pedrosa. Biaggi is already there and we dont need 2 whiners.

DK, if the guys in MotoGP moved to WSBK, you would see the same spread you see in MotoGP. There isn't something magical about WSBK that makes it closer.

I think you would see closer racing even with the GP guys in WSBK. The reason being that there isnt something magical, but there is parity among the bikes themselves. Being based on production machines and limited in the scope of modifications as per the rules is the "magic." Its not a blue sky series. No meer mortal can tell me the difference between the CBR1000RR, Ninja10R, GSXR1000 and R1. We all have preferences based on how we ride, our manufacter loyalties and our comfort level, but to put one bike head and shoulders above or below the others is a gross mistake. This is the one thing that makes GP so grossly uncompetative compared to WSBK because of the have and the have nots. Sure you have the same haves and nots in WSBK, but that gap is smaller and a more acomplished rider can overcome that difference through riding technique and race stratagy. I dont think anyone would argue that the ZXRR Ninja would still be uncompetative even with Rossi in the seat. Kawi just messed up their development of the 4 stroke machine. They were uncompetative in the 990 era and are still uncompetative in the 800 era and now they are gone because that money can be better used else where, be it in AMA or WSBK or wherever. But to keep getting lower half finishes in GP is a waste of money. Same for Suzuki. Where in WSBK they are at least remotely competative and at fractions of a cost.

But thats just my opinion. Cream always rises to the top. But sometimes cream wants a new challenge. MotoGp only has to become irrelevent to Rossi himself for him to move. And what is irrelevent to him? After he tops all of Giacomo's records? When he is bored? The guy is only 29. Look at old man Bayless beat guys half his age! It doesnt matter what we think. He has already proven that he does what he wants when he wants. And it seems that what he always wants is a new challenge. He wont handicap himself to being unwinnable, but he will challenge himself with some form of a handicap to overcome..

And I did just click on superbikematters.com. Nice!

I disagree with you on a few points, but will limit to this one:  Kawasaki's problems have been almost completely attibutable to their frame design.  And this was again an oft-repeated problem throughout all of their racing programs last year.  Jamie Hacking was the only high-level rider who could keep his green machine anywhere close to a good finish.

Their problems are not really in the engine department, as evidenced by their ability to have among the highest terminal speeds over the years at racetracks with long straights.  The switch to 800cc completely changed the balance between cornering speed and straightaway speed, and a bad chassis will be exposed in corner entry and exit.  Their flaws were partly masked by the Bridgestone dominance in '07.  They were not as far off in the 990cc era because of the increased value of a strong engine.

DK, i understand your point of view but you are not exactly a typical motogp fan. backmarkers and mixed series confuse fans.

i think WSBK has to change before it can be a premier class. most importantly, they need to get more TV viewership. it needs more character. i don't mean they need rossi, but it needs to appeal to more than just the sportbike rider which is where their fanbase lies now. i use my wife as a perfect thermometer of racing interest. she doesn't ride a motorbike, rarely even gets on the back of mine. she supports my obsession but she shows no interest in my track days or sunday morning rides. she's not a fan of sports in general. however, she's absolutely one of the biggest fans of motogp, and it's not just VR46... she was also enthralled by Long Way [Round|Down] and i've gotten her to enjoy the Dakar coverage in the last few weeks.

what makes those series different from WSBK? A story. Some drama. Personalities. for some reason these are missing from WSBK. the races are fabulous, but i watch them alone... there's nothing you can say that would refute this fact.

but most importantly, the series needs to be considered the top series by the riders. this is an evolutionary process. if things continue as is WSBK will become the top series, draw the best riders, and the best commentary, the best books, the best insights, etc. it's a self feeding cycle and the wheels are in motion barring some miracle in the world economy.

~pop aka Jules

p.s. superbikematters.com - nice david :D

I use my wife as a perfect thermometer of racing interest. she doesn't ride a motorbike, rarely even gets on the back of mine. she supports my obsession but she shows no interest in my track days or sunday morning rides. she's not a fan of sports in general. however, she's absolutely one of the biggest fans of motogp, and it's not just VR46... she was also enthralled by Long Way [Round|Down] and i've gotten her to enjoy the Dakar coverage in the last few weeks.

Jules... While I believe you meant barometer, your missus is in no way an accurate gauge. For chrissakes, she has an indoor motogp tesla-coil (you) she has to deal with. ;)


Interesting viewpoints. I quite like that WSBK isn't Motogp. The glitz and glamour of Motogp, is, IMO, one of the reasons for it's current difficulties.

I don't see why the two series cannot co-exist. It's interesting that the only people who seem to think that they should merge (even in jest) are Motogp fans. I see no WSBK fans clamouring for the change.

At PI, the fans for WSBK are totally different to the Motogp race. I much prefer the WSBK event and will be travelling down for that race. Thing is though, I love all bike racing and Liz and I have travelled to the Island Classic, WSBK, Motogp, Aus SBK. But then I spent a couple of years club racing and would hang over the pit walls to watch the other riders in their classes too. Perhaps I'm just a bike racing nutter?

An example of the differences in attitude for the PI rounds. At WSBK, you can ride your bike into the outfield and circulate the track. Not so for Motogp. You can wander into the support class paddock with the GA ticket, not so for Motogp. Hospitality options for WSBK and cheaper than for Motogp. There are multiple events for WSBK and the day is rarely quiet. Not so for Motogp. It's very much like F1, where the action is limited and exclusive, whereas touring cars are full and accessible. That's great with cheap money, but becomes hard when times are tough.

I got the solution, .... unify MotoGP and World Superbikes, more sponsorship involve with more riders riding bigger machines, bigger events and 2 races every Sundays. Can't go wrong with that !

Comments are welcome

Wow, a full year in 250cc on an uncompetitive Yammie, he gets a WSS Yammie ride? Pretty interesting and good luck to the Indonesian lad! I hope Wilarot could get a CBR600RR for WSS sometime too :)