Gibernau To Miss Qatar Test

Sete Gibernau has been forced to miss the upcoming test at Qatar due to take place in early March. The Spaniard damaged a ligament during training, and has been advised by doctors that he needs four weeks of rest for the injury to recover properly. Gibernau was already recovering from an earlier operation on his shoulder, and the doctors felt that the injury needed complete rest if Sete is to be fit for the start of the season.

The injury will come as a double blow for Gibernau: The Spanish veteran has suffered a long litany of injuries to the shoulder, and had only just had a plate removed which had been put in place to fix a collarbone injury Gibernau had suffered in his final year of MotoGP in 2006. But of more immediate concern, it would have been Gibernau's first chance to ride under the lights at Qatar. While the rest of the field - with the exception of Niccolo Canepa - have all already raced under the lights, the experience would have been extremely useful to Gibernau, if the Spaniard is to feature during the first race of the season.

Instead, Gibernau will make his reappearance at Jerez, at the official IRTA test at Jerez, at the end of March. By that time, he should be fully fit once more.

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There's no need to disparage the man who came perilously close to taking the championship from Valentino Rossi in 2003 and 2004. Gibernau is a remarkable rider, and worthy of our respect, whether you like him or not. So kindly keep the comments about riders up to the level of the vast majority of people who comment on here: thoughtful and intelligent. 


As someone who recently passed out of his mid- and late-30's, and who has had shoulder problems, I can attest that some things just don't recover the way they used to.  Frankly, I don't know how Bayliss does it!

"Aggressive training" is what they called it, so who knows what that was?  But I can imagine and maybe even relate.

Rossi's curse, indeed.  As a sign of maturity (now that he's 30), and good sportsmanship, he should offer to take it back or call it off, or something like that.  Do a photo op and press conference.  Dorna would love that.  The corporate site needs more stories like that to fill the next few weeks...  ;-)

That's a great idea. Officially lift the curse. Maybe he could do it as his celebration after his first victory this year.

he is a very talented rider,remember he is the only rider to get close to casey stoners times in tests last year,even though he had'nt been on a bike since 2006

The fact remains that the current crop of Spanish riders all seem to be fragile, injury prone, worried about the minutia and most are perceived as temperamental.

Way to go, throwing every rider from a certain nation into one pigeonhole. What does "most are perceived as" even mean - that you think that? Is that statistically relevant for anyone except you?