Updated: Hungarian Grand Prix Not Yet Officially Canceled

News is starting to come in from Hungary that the Grand Prix due to be run there on September 20th at the Balatonring has been canceled. According to our sources, the Hungarian minister announced officially that the Grand Prix would not go ahead. 

The reason is almost certainly a delay in getting the track finished, but until we get further news, this will have to remain speculation. More news when we get it.

~~~ UPDATED ~~~

It seems our sources were running way with themselves. Further research, and a kind note from Hungarian TV commentator Ádám Haraszti, turned up no confirmation of this story. It seems that this was merely the same story that we ran 10 days ago, in which the Hungarian Minister for Sport expressed his doubts that the track would be finished in time. Should any new statements from Hungary turn up, we'll be sure to check them first.

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Is there a reason why Aprilia elected to test independently of the other teams?

From the times of the other riders, unless there is some serious sandbagging going on, they've made huge leaps in their comparative performance. Of course, these are only tests and PI is somewhat of a unique circuit, but certainly encouraging. And the results from BMW also suggest that although they don't look like podium finishers today, they're not that far off some decent results.