Melandri To Make Decision At Qatar Tests

Episode 673 in the Kawasaki saga, as Marco Melandri used his Facebook profile once again to announce his intentions to the world. According to the Italian press, Melandri wrote "for the moment, we will test the bike at Losail, we will see whether it's going to be worth racing the bike after the test: if the bike's a disaster, we will all go home."

More interesting news about just which bike Melandri will be testing. is reporting that the Italian will be riding the updated 2008 version of the bike at Qatar, which was tested at Valencia and Phillip Island earlier. Melandri had previously rejected trying to race this bike, but the prospect of a year on the sidelines may have persuaded him to give the bike one more chance.

Whether this is just idle speculation or a genuine plan, we will see soon enough. The Qatar tests take place this weekend, and if Melandri is there on a Kawasaki, we will finally get an inkling of how this story is to end.

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What about Hopper???

This whole off season Melandri was planning to take the season off and he ends up with the ride....

Wasn't Hopper on contract with Kawi???

Marco will test it ( 2008 1/2 Kawasaki ) at the next Motogp test, he is under contract to Kawasaki,it was Kawasaki that got him out of his last year of his Ducati contract, remember . in his last year (option year ) From what is learned at this test Marco will decide Yes or No .Marco is in a win win situation as is Hopper really, if they sit for 2009 they get paid by Kawasaki. If Marco rides the bike,it won't be green, but, it will be at or around the back of the grid, with no factory updates for the season, which is different from last year in that he was at the back of the field but was overwhelmed with parts and people trying to help. Dorna will pick up his paycheque and insurance. John signed for really big money, and for the most part did a mind blowing impression of Randy De Puniet on the bike , fast when it didn't matter, and crashed when it counted. Remember Randy got fired. Johnboy will walk with the money, he has been around for far to long now mid pack on factory bikes, No other team will even be willing to talk to him, he used to be a Red Bull guy, walked to Monster and now no ride, and none on the horizon. Monster's boat has sailed with the money, it's raining round the racing world from Rossi to Attack Kawasaki in the USA but not on Hopper, I really like the guy, but I think the little side show he put on in the pit's last season with his wife was a bit to Hollywood for Motogp. John will not be back in Motogp I feel. To many young stars coming along who have won real championships in Europe in the last 10. years.

John has said nothing since this mess started. Drove across the USA having a break with his wife, chilling out. Web site say's nothing, never been updated. New's flash I last heard was he was asked about WSBK ? confirmed that that kind of racing ( can only think he meant,that kind of money) was not where he wanted to go. Max sat out a year, Hodgson did as well and come to think of it they both ended up riding superbikes.