Toby And Jules Are Back! British Eurosport To Cover MotoGP

A palpable sense of outrage rocked the MotoGP world at the news that British Eurosport would not be showing MotoGP in 2009, the victim of contractual agreement between several terrestrial broadcasters and Dorna. But it was not so much the loss of the pictures that fans were enraged about, as the loss of the sounds. Commentators Julian Ryder and Toby Moody had built up a cult following over the years, and their interaction with former GP legend Randy Mamola - acting as pit lane reporter - managed to inform, entertain and fascinate, all in one. A difficult trick, and an admirable one to be able to pull off.

Petitions were drawn up, attracting many thousands of signatures, and the BBC was buried under a deluge of requests to replace their commentary team of Steve Parrish and Charlie Cox with the Diamond Duo of Moody and Ryder. But the BBC would not budge: they were happy with their current commentators, and would be sticking by them. MotoGP fans looked to be plain out of luck.

But no longer: Eurosport have now done a deal to broadcast the practice and the races with Moody and Ryder which won't interfere with the BBC coverage. Under the deal, Toby and Jules will provide commentary for practice, qualifying and the 125 and 250 races live, and the MotoGP races will be broadcast a few days later with the recorded live commentary. Sadly, though, Moody and Ryder will no longer be at all the races. They will  be providing commentary from a studio in the UK for most of the races, with the exception of the Spanish and British round, and possibly one other race, where they will be attending in person, and able to provide their inimitable blend of excitement and in-depth knowledge. Hardcore MotoGP fans around the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Thank god, this is a true wish come true! I'd rather not know who won in motogp race and wait few days to see it and hear it with proper commentators. weeeeeeee

It is a shame that Randy Mamola will not be a part of the team. But given the logistics of how Ryder and Moddy will announce, it is understandable.

I think its a shame Randy wont be working with Toby and Julian, There is no mention of Neil Spalding. will he be comenting on the technical stuff alongside Toby and Julian.
Its Good news that I dont have to listen to the BBC.

it is indeed great news that they will be back!
I didnt think (and hoped) that the delayed broadcast would be a couple of days after, just later in the day.
I'd like to hope i could wait a couple of days but i fear I may have to watch the BBC live coverage and suffer the godawful commentary though. I won't be able to read the news or talk to friends for three days after the MotoGP race. I'll have to live in a monotonous world of eat, sleep, work for that period of time. The BBC has good pre-race coverage and plays theme music but Moody and Ryder are WAY better announcers. Oh well, Carmelo Ezpeleta has a gun aimed squarely at his foot, so what else can you expect?

But erm.. Krop, as we are both based in the Lowlands- does it mean we're still f*cked and stuck with RTL7 and the Beeb (and therefore no live 125s and 250s)?

Please enlighten!

I'll see what I can dig up. But there's a very good chance that we will get the "international" feed, which means it's either the Beeb or Frank Weeink for us.