Monster Energy Confirmed As Title Sponsor For Tech 3 Yamaha

After Kawasaki pulled out, much speculation ensued as to what would happen about their Monster Energy title sponsorship. Almost immediately after Kawasaki's withdrawal was announced, rumors appeared linking Monster to Yamaha. First came the rumor of a deal with Valentino Rossi, but along with it came talk of a deal for the Tech 3 Yamaha team.

It turns out this was no idle speculation after all. After the personal deal for Rossi, Tech 3 today announced that Monster Energy would be their title sponsor for at least the next two years. The Monster claw logo will appear both on Rossi's helmet and cap, and on the side of the Tech 3 Yamahas.

This finally is good news for MotoGP. The problem for the series is, after all, not so much that costs are too high - they are a mere 10-20% of the vast sums involved in Formula 1, while the series receives close to the same media exposure - but that incomes are dramatically too low. A big sponsor like Monster can provide a much-needed cash injection for Herve Poncharal's cash-strapped team, as well as attracting more outside sponsors into the sport.

The worry is that Monster, like Rizla with Suzuki, and like their deal with Kawasaki, got the exposure at a bargain basement price. No details were released about the amounts involved, but if teams sell title sponsorship cheap - as was the case with Rizla and Suzuki - then they make it impossible for the rest of the teams to raise the cash that MotoGP so desparately needs.

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Back to back parties skiing this year from Monster Energy, RedBull, and Moutain Dew made me drink more then i ever thought. I love the events they sponsor and taking place in them i just sometimes think i will be in alcohol rehab before the nights are over.