Pedrosa To Undergo Surgery On Wednesday

The injury Dani Pedrosa suffered at Qatar is worse than at first thought. Early reports said that Pedrosa had come away from the accident with only bruising and swelling, but Pedrosa has not been so lucky. For according to the Spanish magazine Motociclismo, Pedrosa has suffered a distal radius fracture, an injury which will require the fitting of a titanium screw to compress the fracture. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday afternoon.

The good news, in a glass-one-sixteenth-full kind of way, is that Pedrosa only suffered a severely bruised and cut left knee. He is to have a skin graft on the knee at the same time as his wrist. Pedrosa suffered the injuries after his bike landed on him after highsiding him off in Turn 10 at Qatar.

Honda previously issued a press release stating they expected Pedrosa to be riding at the official Irta test in Jerez at the end of March, but it is doubtful that Pedrosa will be at full fitness by then. A distal radius fracture is not as difficult an injury as a scaphoid, but it can get very complicated due to the amount of soft tissue that is involved in the structure of the wrist. The Dexeus institute, where Pedrosa is to undergo surgery, will be issuing an update on his condition tomorrow.

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with both of the supporting cast of the rossi show carrying dehabilitating injuries, one wonders how watchable the anticipated opening episodes can be.