Daytona 200 Update

In the aftermath of last night's chaotic Daytona 200, additional information has become available that seeks to clarify the the scoring snafu and finish order. In a press release issued by the AMA, the sequence of events that led to the 6-lap sprint to the finish are as follows:

The lighting system that illuminated the chicane that leads into NASCAR turn 3 experienced a failure on or about lap 36, which brought out the "safety" (AKA pace) car. During this caution an unnamed rider collided with Graves Yamaha's Tommy Aquino, causing Aquino to go down, which brought out the red flag, idling the field for nearly a half-hour.

After a few warm-up laps behind the safety car, racing resumed only to to go back under caution when M4 Suzuki's Kris Turner went down in the Horseshoe. Racing resumed in earnest on lap 49 and did not go back to yellow for the remainder of the race.

""I was eighth (during the caution), then I was fourth," DiSalvo said at the post-race press conference. "I'm not 100 percent on the procedures. I think they need a pamphlet to explain it. I was thinking to myself, 'If I was in the stands right now, I wouldn't have a clue who was where.' "

AMA race director Colin Fraser said that the discrepancy was a mistake and would not make excuses for the foul-up.

Lastly, Paradigm Racing's Barrett Long, after a post-race protest, was given credit for a lap that was not counted during the red flag period which elevated him to 6th place ahead of Chaz Davies.


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DMG seems to be living up to the predictions of their inability to run the series. They tape delay the race in the CST zone, turn close racing into a boring pace car parade, bungle the race direction at the end and as the top three raced to the line the video direction cut to further back in the pack and missed the podium finishers sprint to the line. What did they do with all that lead time? Good thing they were delayed for live coverage of NASCAR qualifying. I thought they wanted this race to be a showcase event? Sad excuse for an effort by people that produce the joke that is NASCAR. I'm just glad I got to watch 5 uninterrupted minutes of the Buell team unsuccessfully duct taping and zip tying on bodywork while the race was going on. How hard can broacasting a race be? The British even pull it off and they drive on the wrong side of the road! Here's one last prediction: this will be the last time I watch AMA racing this year.

A safety car? I think it caused one crash and almost caused a few more. It's not safe.

I hate the rolling start. You do that for cars because there's no other way. Bikes accelerate quickly & have room to pass while doing it. Cars don't. If I wanted to watch a boring car race I'd be tuning to the rest of SPEED's coverage (NASCAR). Don't turn motorcycles into NASCAR.

The pit rules are ok I think. I liked seeing them get stopped by a board held by a crew member, but I don't think it matters much. I had a pit pass for the '82 200 and got to watch the pit lane start while standing on the pit lane wall.

I watched it on tape delay. I TiVo so I don't care about live coverage. I want the boring bits edited out while fitting the good parts into the show. *sigh* Instead, I get great coverage of the buell getting duct tape or everyone following the safety.. I mean pace car. Meanwhile, I don't get to see the exciting passes or crashes unless there's a lame rewind to find it.

I used to watch beach volleyball. They went to live coverage & it killed the pro sport with a few blowouts, live. A tape delay with some decent editing would have saved it.

Not sure safety cars work for motorcycle races. I believe Zemke was robbed a couple years ago of a win due to a similar snafu. The insistance that a race should have more than 25 participants makes is rediculously dangerous for the fast guys and confusing and booring for the fans. I see with DMG they've so far succeeded in increasing both danger and confusion. It's great that they lowered costs so privateers can compete, but why can't they tighten up qualifying so that it's a show and not a circus? This race went EXACTLY like every NASCAR race I've seen. A bunch of shuffling around in the draft and traffic with leader resets due to yellow flags and pace cars every 8 laps or so and the occasional red flag followed by 50% of laps ticking off behind pace cars leaving the entire race down to a 6 lap sprint race that usually includes either crashes or controversy over results. I'm not kidding, watch any NASCAR race and you'll see that the first 180 laps are completely pointless, except for providing some attrition. It always comes down to 6 or fewer hot laps. Thanks DMG. Also thanks for setting up a TV contract that puts EVERY SINGLE main event on TV 1 week delayed. Do you think that fans don't have internet connections? How are we supposed to go a whole week without discovering race outcomes? Why would we watch races we know how they end?

Pace car's and the AMA / Dmg racing brand, bring's new hope to the economic collapse. Colin a nice Canadian guy, who volunteered to join the DMG circus as race director, sheds some light on the shambles. Pace car does not have radio's to race control ? makes sense to me ? "who is on second ? no who is on third " comes to mind Bud Abbott + Lew Costello. Bostrom was a lap down and is waved by the pace car, won't go, yells and rants at the driver that the order is wrong, Race control cannot tell the pace car who to pick up ? FFS !
Red flag required, stop the race, it goes back 1 lap, not 2 laps. Grid the bikes on the hot grid, no touching of machines. Restart 1 warm up lap, take your place on the grid, and restart the race FFS!!

Pace car has no place on track with bikes, ever. In the 1970's I rode at Daytona year after year, 80 bikes in 2 waves of 40, hand scoring, no transponders, or computers and never ever a fuck up, that was not sorted out before the cheques were passed out. say 2 hours post race.
The night race thing was jumped on by once wealthy Arab Sheiks, with more money than sense, buying musco lighting systems so that they could run races at night to get out of 120 degree sun, and maybe get more than 100 cousins into the empty granstands, at racetracks that cost as much as the GDP of Uruguay and New Zealand.

I would expect nothing more from DMG, after all the BS , and problems, the withdrawl of the factories with all their money,we get this mess. I was there, and we still have no idea where our rider really finished ?? 80 riders showed up for the greatest race, 95% of them on the hook for all the money spent, and they can't even get their cheques because no one person has a clue who finished where . bostrom was a lap down in the pits and goes to the front?
Oh well we can wait 3 weeks and watch live on speed tv, and see Danny's Harley get worked on.

Discracefull DMG, never ever participate in another of your Saturday nite scrambles.

Haven't watched the race yet, but read the post race stuff on Soup. Seems to me that it was an exciting race for the top 3 and they liked the pace car ... based on their comments.

While I can't say that I agree with everything DMG has done, I will say that I am hopeful that motorcycle racing in the US regains its former success. In that vein, I hope DMG succeeds in making this happen.

As a side note, I could care less what the pilots are riding. If its close and interesting racing, then I'll be watching.

The rundown on Soup you mention was referring to the Superbike race. The 200 was run with "Daytona Sportbikes", formerly known as Formula Xtreme (sorta).

I haven't seen the Daytona race, so don't know about this particular situation. However, I do race endurance in the UK where safety cars are used. Generally this is an OK scenario and works effectively. Nobody particularly like being behind the safety car, it can break a rider's rhythm and it does bring in to play a whole new set of tactics, especially if you're close to needing a fuel stop. I do think it's a much better scenario though than the race being red flagged and re-started all the time. Over a 6 hour race, I'd say the safety car probably comes out 2 or 3 times on average. It's not that big a deal. Maybe the difference is that the racing is over 6 hours, not a set number of laps, so there's hardly ever been a 6 lap sprint to the line. We even had a race finish under the safety car once. Disappointing yes, but it had no real impact on the results, unless a rider was trying to catch someone on the same lap or only 1 or 2 laps ahead - and in those cases, that's just racing.

I agree on the point about the rolling start though. What bollocks is that? What's wrong with a Le Mans style start? It works for World Endurance with over 40 bikes on the grid at times.

I would be interested to know what other riders who have raced in World Endurance think about this Daytona 200 and Moto-ST in general.