2009 IRTA Test 250 Class - Day 1 - Barbera Fastest In Afternoon

On the first day of testing at the official IRTA test at Jerez, it was Hector Barbera who finished the day fastest, with a fast lap in the dying minutes of the second afternoon session. The day had started overcast, but the afternoon saw sunnier skies and warmer temperatures. Rather strangely, most of the 250 men put in their fastest time in the cooler morning session, with the exception of Barbera.

Title favorites Alvaro Bautista and Marco Simoncelli finished second and third fastest, Simoncelli faster in the morning, while Bautista was quicker in the afternoon, despite both men going slower. Former 125 champion Gabor Talmacsi was also quick, staying with a couple of tenths of Barbera in the morning session, but giving up over half a second in the afternoon. Talmacsi has been consistently in touch with the title candidates, and could prove a challenge once he hits his stride in the class.

The other surprise package was Ratthapark Wilairot on the Thai Honda. The Thai rider was consistently in the points last year, and was 3rd quickest in the morning session, and not far off the two leaders. 

Mattia Pasini was not so lucky. The Team Toth rider had a huge crash in the afternoon, and banged up both himself and his Aprilia. Pasini was joined in the gravel traps by Russian rider Vladimir Leonov, who is building something of a reputation as a crasher, having crashed out of the Estoril test three times.

Testing continues tomorrow.

Session 2 times (afternoon session) 

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to Prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
1Hector BARBERAPEPE WORLD TEAM1'43.156  10
2Alvaro BAUTISTAMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM1'43.620+0.464+0.46414
3Marco SIMONCELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.833+0.213+0.67716
4Gabor TALMACSIBALATON RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.433+0.600+1.27712
5Hector FAUBELHONDA SAG1'44.644+0.211+1.48812
6Ratthapark WILAIROTTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'44.846+0.202+1.69011
7Mike DI MEGLIOMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM 250cc1'44.891+0.045+1.73510
8Raffaele DE ROSASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'45.091+0.200+1.93513
9Lukas PESEKAUTO KELLY - CP1'45.220+0.129+2.06419
10Roberto LOCATELLIMETIS GILERA1'45.259+0.039+2.10311
11Alex BALDOLINIWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'45.401+0.142+2.24510
12Thomas LUTHIEMMI - CAFFE LATTE1'45.538+0.137+2.38212
13Jules CLUZELMATTEONI RACING1'45.912+0.374+2.75613
14Karel ABRAHAMCARDION AB MOTORACING1'46.044+0.132+2.88815
15Hiroshi AOYAMASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'46.098+0.054+2.9429
17Mattia PASINITEAM TOTH APRILIA1'47.046+0.892+3.8905
18Vladimir LEONOVVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'47.563+0.517+4.40712
19Shoya TOMIZAWACIP MOTO-GP2501'48.141+0.578+4.9857
20Bastien CHESAUXRACING TEAM GERMANY1'50.029+1.888+6.87315
21Imre TOTHTEAM TOTH APRILIA2'01.768+11.739+18.6121

Session 1 times (morning session) 

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to Prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
2Alvaro BAUTISTAMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM1'43.596+0.158+0.15848
3Ratthapark WILAIROTTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'43.785+0.189+0.34732
4Hector BARBERAPEPE WORLD TEAM1'43.800+0.015+0.36257
5Gabor TALMACSIBALATON RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.055+0.255+0.61744
6Hiroshi AOYAMASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.127+0.072+0.68939
7Thomas LUTHIEMMI - CAFFE LATTE1'44.199+0.072+0.76149
8Mike DI MEGLIOMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM 250cc1'44.273+0.074+0.83539
9Roberto LOCATELLIMETIS GILERA1'44.821+0.548+1.38334
10Hector FAUBELHONDA SAG1'44.890+0.069+1.45236
11Raffaele DE ROSASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.909+0.019+1.47144
12Lukas PESEKAUTO KELLY - CP1'45.221+0.312+1.78331
13Alex BALDOLINIWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'45.360+0.139+1.92229
14Mattia PASINITEAM TOTH APRILIA1'45.597+0.237+2.15921
15Karel ABRAHAMCARDION AB MOTORACING1'45.633+0.036+2.19547
16Imre TOTHTEAM TOTH APRILIA1'45.745+0.112+2.30742
17Jules CLUZELMATTEONI RACING1'46.304+0.559+2.86635
18Shoya TOMIZAWACIP MOTO-GP2501'47.550+1.246+4.11242
19Axel PONSPEPE WORLD TEAM1'49.114+1.564+5.67624
20Bastien CHESAUXRACING TEAM GERMANY1'49.850+0.736+6.41238


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I wouldn't quite call Leonov a crasher yet, given that Estoril was the first time ever that he rode a 250cc bike. Axel Pons crashed in every test so far as well and unfortunately for him he also injures himself every time he falls off that bike.