2009 IRTA Test 250 Class - Day 2 - Bautista Edges Barbera

Alvaro Bautista shone under the Spanish sun at Jerez on Thursday, topping the timesheets in both sessions. But Bautista didn't have it his own way: During the 250-only afternoon session the Mapfre Aspar rider was only barely faster than compatriot Hector Barbera, and only just over a tenth of a second quicker than title rival Marco Simoncelli on the Gilera.

Aspar's two rookies coming up from the 125 class also showed well. Gabor Talmacsi - technically in his own Balaton Racing Team, but under the Aspar umbrella - was slower in the morning session, but by the afternoon, had jumped up to 5th. Reigning 125cc champion Mike di Meglio went the opposite way, taking 2nd spot in the morning, while dropping to a still highly respectable 6th fastest during the afternoon session.

Surprise of the day was Lukas Pesek, climbing into the top 4 in the afternoon, despite only having an Aprilia LE, rather than the factory spec RSA the other top riders are running.

Meanwhile, injuries are starting to take their toll. After crashing heavily yesterday, Axel Pons - son of former 250 champion and team manager Sito - was forced to sit out today's session, while Vladimir Leonov also crashed again heavily in the morning, though he rode again during the afternoon.

Testing finishes tomorrow, before the MotoGP bikes take to the track. MotoGPMatters will be at trackside, and will bring you a summary of the three days of testing, as well as trying to track down Stevie Bonsey.

Session 2 times (afternoon session)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
2Hector BARBERAPEPE WORLD TEAM1'43.093+0.025+0.02522
3Marco SIMONCELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.196+0.103+0.12823
4Lukas PESEKAUTO KELLY - CP1'43.467+0.271+0.39923
5Gabor TALMACSIBALATON RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.515+0.048+0.44721
6Mike DI MEGLIOMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM 250cc1'43.548+0.033+0.48011
7Roberto LOCATELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.749+0.201+0.68115
9Thomas LUTHIEMMI - CAFFE LATTE1'44.039+0.167+0.97123
10Ratthapark WILAIROTTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'44.128+0.089+1.06019
11Hiroshi AOYAMASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.174+0.046+1.10624
12Hector FAUBELTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'44.516+0.342+1.44819
13Jules CLUZELMATTEONI RACING1'44.662+0.146+1.59416
14Alex BALDOLINIWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'44.846+0.184+1.77817
15Raffaele DE ROSASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'45.134+0.288+2.06618
16Karel ABRAHAMCARDION AB MOTORACING1'45.491+0.357+2.42319
17Mattia PASINITEAM TOTH APRILIA1'47.341+1.850+4.2739
18Imre TOTHTEAM TOTH APRILIA1'47.349+0.008+4.28115
19Bastien CHESAUXRACING TEAM GERMANY1'47.688+0.339+4.62016
20Vladimir LEONOVVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'48.085+0.397+5.01716

Session 1 times (morning session) 

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
2Mike DI MEGLIOMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM 250cc1'43.358+0.165+0.16532
3Marco SIMONCELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.479+0.121+0.28654
4Hiroshi AOYAMASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.545+0.066+0.35253
6Ratthapark WILAIROTTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'43.951+0.132+0.75838
7Hector BARBERAPEPE WORLD TEAM1'43.999+0.048+0.80642
8Roberto LOCATELLIMETIS GILERA1'44.170+0.171+0.97736
9Thomas LUTHIEMMI - CAFFE LATTE1'44.194+0.024+1.00149
10Lukas PESEKAUTO KELLY - CP1'44.312+0.118+1.11933
11Gabor TALMACSIBALATON RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.360+0.048+1.16742
12Hector FAUBELHONDA SAG1'44.410+0.050+1.21747
13Raffaele DE ROSASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.491+0.081+1.29826
14Mattia PASINITEAM TOTH APRILIA1'44.499+0.008+1.30642
15Karel ABRAHAMCARDION AB MOTORACING1'44.518+0.019+1.32550
16Alex BALDOLINIWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'44.720+0.202+1.52734
17Jules CLUZELMATTEONI RACING1'45.227+0.507+2.03451
18Shoya TOMIZAWACIP MOTO-GP2501'45.813+0.586+2.62036
19Imre TOTHTEAM TOTH APRILIA1'46.030+0.217+2.83732
20Vladimir LEONOVVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'47.650+1.620+4.45718
21Bastien CHESAUXRACING TEAM GERMANY1'48.128+0.478+4.93541


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Right, now that you mention it. I forgot all about him being on track with his new team for the first time in Jerez. Hope you can get some hot of the press info about his whereabouts.