2009 Jerez Irta Test Day 3 - 250 Afternoon Session - Simoncelli Dives Under Pole Record

Marco Simoncelli ended the three-day IRTA test on the top of the 50 timesheets, smashing the pole lap record by over 0.4 seconds. The Italian Gilera rider was nearly two tenths quicker than his Spanish title rival Alvaro Bautista, but both men were well under Dani Pedrosa's pole record at the Andalucian track which dates back to 2005. 

Big surprise of the afternoon was Jules Cluzel, who took his Matteoni Racing Aprilia to the third fastest time of the day, and the fourth fastest time of the three-day test, an impressive performance from the young Frenchman, all the more so because he set the time on an LE spec Aprilia, rather than a full fat factory spec RSA bike. Clusel is the second LE rider to get among the top 250 tier, after Lukas Pesek was fourth fastest on Thursday on a similar bike. It certainly looks as if the difference in performance between the million euro RSA and the 250,000 euro LE is a lot less than it was in previous years, though whether this is down to Aprilia easing up on the development of the RSA bike as the 2011 demise of the class approaches.

Full times from both sessions will follow as soon as they are available.

Session 2 times (afternoon session)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
2Alvaro BAUTISTAMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM1'42.674+0.197+0.19720
3Jules CLUZELMATTEONI RACING1'43.078+0.404+0.60113
5Hiroshi AOYAMASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.244+0.055+0.76720
6Roberto LOCATELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.425+0.181+0.94813
7Gabor TALMACSIBALATON RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.470+0.045+0.99317
8Thomas LUTHIEMMI - CAFFE LATTE1'43.611+0.141+1.13421
9Karel ABRAHAMCARDION AB MOTORACING1'43.658+0.047+1.18117
10Ratthapark WILAIROTTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'43.744+0.086+1.26718
11Lukas PESEKAUTO KELLY - CP1'43.837+0.093+1.36015
12Mike DI MEGLIOMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM 250cc1'43.847+0.010+1.37018
13Mattia PASINITEAM TOTH APRILIA1'43.912+0.065+1.43516
14Raffaele DE ROSASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.926+0.014+1.44916
15Alex BALDOLINIWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'43.928+0.002+1.4518
16Hector FAUBELTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'43.982+0.054+1.50519
17Imre TOTHTEAM TOTH APRILIA1'45.994+2.012+3.51720
18Axel PONSPEPE WORLD TEAM1'46.767+0.773+4.29013
19Bastien CHESAUXRACING TEAM GERMANY1'47.233+0.466+4.75620

Session 1 times (morning session)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderLaps
2Hector BARBERAPEPE WORLD TEAM1'43.306+0.101+0.10125
4Marco SIMONCELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.417+0.020+0.21250
5Roberto LOCATELLIMETIS GILERA1'43.702+0.285+0.49749
6Hiroshi AOYAMASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.793+0.091+0.58862
7Mattia PASINITEAM TOTH APRILIA1'43.877+0.084+0.67244
8Gabor TALMACSIBALATON RACING TEAM 250cc1'43.954+0.077+0.74946
9Mike DI MEGLIOMAPFRE ASPAR TEAM 250cc1'43.985+0.031+0.78033
10Ratthapark WILAIROTTHAI HONDA PTT SAG1'43.995+0.010+0.79051
11Karel ABRAHAMCARDION AB MOTORACING1'44.012+0.017+0.80753
12Thomas LUTHIEMMI - CAFFE LATTE1'44.160+0.148+0.95566
13Hector FAUBELHONDA SAG1'44.254+0.094+1.04950
14Alex BALDOLINIWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'44.359+0.105+1.15451
15Lukas PESEKAUTO KELLY - CP1'44.421+0.062+1.21631
16Jules CLUZELMATTEONI RACING1'44.746+0.325+1.54151
17Raffaele DE ROSASCOT RACING TEAM 250cc1'44.816+0.070+1.61143
18Imre TOTHTEAM TOTH APRILIA1'45.355+0.539+2.15048
19Shoya TOMIZAWACIP MOTO-GP2501'46.269+0.914+3.06420
20Bastien CHESAUXRACING TEAM GERMANY1'47.379+1.110+4.17429
21Vladimir LEONOVVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'48.138+0.759+4.93332
22Axel PONSPEPE WORLD TEAM1'48.295+0.157+5.09018


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Willairot is impressing. If he is able to continue with these results maybe he will end up on a real bike.