Steve Bonsey Absent At IRTA Tests

The progress of the young American rider Steve Bonsey is being followed closely by some people in the paddock. Having been brought straight into GPs from dirt track at the behest of Kenny Roberts Senior, a bright future was ascribed to Bonsey. After two years in 125s, Bonsey was set to move up to 250s this year, the logical progression in the "European" school of motorcycle racing.

Unfortunately for the young American, he joined the Aprilia Madrid team right at the wrong time, just as the financial crisis hit the world economy. At the IRTA tests earlier this week, Bonsey's Aprilia Madrid were a no-show, with no evidence that the team would turn up at any point. The rumors in the paddock suggest that the team has folded, leaving the American without a ride. Whether Bonsey will get a ride with another team is as yet uncertain. There were suggestions linking him to another Aprilia team, but so far, nothing more reliable has appeared.

Bonsey's manager is in the paddock, and told reporters that he was talking to teams, but nothing had been sorted yet. It would be a shame if the American should fail at the second step on the path to MotoGP. 

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I hope there's still a chance for him to get a bike this year. Does anyone know when the deadline is to register a rider for the whole season? Or is there such a thing anyway?