Venture Petroleum Returns To The Paddock

Once upon a time, what seems like an age ago now, there was fictional oil company sponsoring a motorcycle racing team. The sponsor - Venture Petroleum - was part of the back story for a movie being made set against the background of MotoGP, and their - rather handsome - livery featured on Kenny Roberts' KR211V bike. News of the movie sparked a flurry of interest from hardcore motorcycle fans, but tragically, the film never materialized, disappearing in an argument over image rights between the production company and Dorna. The fans heaved a sigh of disappointment, and went back to hoping that one day, somebody somewhere would make a motorcycle racing film to rival the legendary Grand Prix.

That day may be closer than they think. Much to everyone's surprise, the Guandalini Racing Team turned up with their trailer sporting the following logo:

Venture Petroleum Guandalini Ducati trailer

Frankie Chili, team manager told us "we put the sticker on the bike from now on. We have some details to discuss, but they have already signed the contract with Infront Motor Sports." Asked when he thought the movie would be out, Chili said "It's hard to say for me, but we hope next year to be ready. This year we make some shots, and next we show the movie."

With Infront Motor Sports seemingly more willing to help media companies than Dorna, maybe this time the movie will finally get released. It's one event that fans have been waiting for for a long time. 

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There is a great motorcycle racing movie out there that, unfortunately, has not been released theatrically in the U.K or the USA. It's called
"High Speed" and it stars Sienna Miller and World Superbike Racing. It is available on and you can see the trailer for the film on
It's directed by the writer/director of the upcoming feature film "Velocity," that has the fake sponsor "Venture Petroleum" as the team's sponsor in the movie. I saw "High Speed" at the Malibu International Film Festival a few years back and agree with their quote that it's the greatest racing movie since "Grand Prix." It's got the Aprilia World Superbike team from 2001-2002 as the team in the movie and Troy Corser and Regis Laconi are the doubles for the British lead actors. You can tell they didn't have a big budget and, besides Sienna Miller, you probably won't know who the actors are, but the performances are believable and it's got GREAT action sequences in it. It should, the director, Jeff Jensen, was a Hollywood stuntman before becoming a director.
It's worth the effort to track it down if you want a feature film that doesn't insult race fans like 'Days of Thunder" or "Driven."