In Serious Pain, Simoncelli Keeps 250 Grid Waiting

Marco Simoncelli arrived at Losail with a cast still on his right hand, and had it removed in the medical center just before he and was to report to the starting grid for the group photo.

The other 250 riders waited for several minutes with one spot open in the front row until Simoncelli appeared in the distance, walking slowly from the direction of the garages. He held his right hand carefully as he walked, still in apparent discomfort from his operation on Tuesday to repair the scaphoid bone he broke in a motocross crash on Sunday.

When he’d taken his seat in the front row, the skin discoloration from disinfectant was still clearly visible. At one point he answered questions from the pit wall with a wince and a careful cosi-cosi gesture with the recently liberated hand. 

Just how fit he will be to race remains to be seen. If he is anywhere close to his usually pace this weekend, it will be another testament to the superhuman toughness of top-level motorcycle racers.

Marco Simoncelli at Qatar group photo

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