Moto2 Bikes To Race In Spanish Formula Extreme Series

Now that the rules for the Moto2 series have been finalized - all except the small matter of actually producing the spec Honda engine, that is - the teams interested in the class can finally get on with developing the bikes. To this end, Dorna and the RFME (the Royal Motorcycling Federation of Spain) had initially announced that the class would be allowed to race in the Spanish CEV championship, partly to allow the teams to work on their bikes, and partly to monitor how the class would work out.

Unfortunately, due to the lateness of the announcement and confusion over the rules, only two teams entered the Spanish Moto2 championship, and so the separate races had to be scrapped. Instead, LaGlisse's Yamaha R6-based bike and the Blusens BQR Honda-based bike took part in qualifying for the CEV Formula Extreme championship, in which 1000cc bikes compete under rules which are similar to Superstock spec. The Moto2 bikes were not unsuccessful: The bikes qualified in 5th and 6th place, just over a second off of pole.

With the Moto2 rules now finalized, and new entries from teams such as Inmotec and FTR Moto on the cards, the RFME and Dorna have decided to allow the Moto2 bikes to race. As there will still not be enough entries to field a separate race, the Moto2 bikes will race alongside the Formula Extreme bikes, starting from the next round of the CEV at Jerez on June 6th and 7th. The bikes will not score points for the Formula Extreme championship, but will instead score points for a separate Moto2 championship, not unlike the separate privateer championship in the CEV's Formula Extreme class.

This announcement is likely to generate an upsurge in interest in the CEV, not least because the next round will be at Jerez, the track which has just held the last round of MotoGP. Racing the Moto2 bikes on the same track the 250s have just raced on will allow journalists and fans to finally get an idea of just how close the two classes really are, and whether teams wanting to compete next year - when the Moto2 bikes will race alongside the 250 class - would be better off going for a four-stroke Moto2 machine or sticking with an Aprilia for 2010. We shall keep you posted, and news and results will be available from the CEV championship website at (in Spanish).

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