Gibernau Breaks Collarbone, Will Miss Le Mans Race

Sete Gibernau's race weekend is already at an end. With 15 minutes of the second session of free practice remaining, the Spanish veteran highsided at the Dunlop Chicane. He immediately grabbed at his shoulder, and upon examination at the Clinica Mobile, was found to have a double fracture of his left collarbone. The injury means Gibernau will play no further part in the proceedings, and will not race at Le Mans.

The break is bad news for Gibernau, who has a long and painful history of collarbone fractures. Gibernau still has pain from previous shoulder problems, having broken his collarbone at Estoril and in the huge first corner crash at Barcelona back in 2006. Gibernau is scheduled to return to Barcelona as soon as possible, where he will meet with Dr. Ginebra of the Dexeus Institute to evaluate whether the injury will require yet more surgery, or whether it will heal with just rest.

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This is a shame.  I think no one wanted this sort of thing to happen, but probably most of us feared it might.

If he ever does get back on the bike, who will agree to ride it in his stead?

I hear Gabor Talmacsi is currently between jobs, and with plenty of sponsorship...

But it's more likely to be Fonsi Nieto, he's Spanish, he's experienced, he's available and he's related to the guys running the team.