Regis Laconi - Operation Successful, But Worries About Left Leg

Regis Laconi's condition continues to improve. Since his horrific crash at Kyalami's Mineshaft turn on his very first lap out of the pits, Laconi has been in Johannesburg's Sunninghill Hospital, where he has been kept under the watchful eye of the medical specialists there. At first, the Frenchman was kept in a medically-induced coma, but he was brought out of the coma on Sunday morning to be assessed before surgery to fix the cracked vertebrae he suffered in his neck in the crash. Laconi responded well to being awakened from the coma, even cracking jokes about the state he found himself in.

With the signs boding well for surgery, Laconi underwent an operation to fix a plate in his neck to stabilize the fractured vertebrae. The operation was lengthy and difficult, but afterwards, Dr. Maurizio Zorio, the surgeon who performed the procedure pronounced the surgery a success, and that Regis Laconi would not require any further intervention. Laconi was then moved to the intensive care unit to recuperate from the operation.

Though the surgery was said to have gone without complications, Laconi may yet be left with a problem. is reporting that according to Laconi's friend and lawyer Paul-Louis Coulignon, there is some paralysis in Laconi's left leg. It is too early to say whether this is permanent or just temporary, this will only become clear in the course of time.

Laconi now begins the long process of rehabilitation. The Frenchman is due to remain in South Africa until the end of the month, after which he will be flown back to Paris to continue his recovery in a specialist clinic there.

Laconi is a deeply charismatic figure in the World Superbike paddock, the kind of person who commands a presence wherever he goes. We wish him a speedy and full recovery, and hope to see him back in the paddock very soon.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Regis. Spinal injuries have to be everyone's biggest concern and it is a relief to know that major damage seems to have been avoided.

What a bummer. This could be a career ending injury. Tracks have improved safety so much in the last decade. More runoff, less walls, better gravel, ect... but it just doesn't matter if you begin to tumble. Once you start to flop it's anyone's guess.
Maybe that vertebrae will heal up quick and he can come back next season. This years done.