Regis Laconi Recovering Well, Walking Without Assistance

Excellent news from South Africa, where Regis Laconi is recovering in Sunninghill Hospital after the horrific crash at Kyalami, which saw him fracture to vertebrae in his neck. The Frenchman's DFX Corse team issued a press release on Sunday saying that Laconi is making remarkable progress in his recovery, and has even walked without assistance during his physical therapy sessions.

The doctors are now optimistic that Laconi will be able to return to his native France very soon, and Laconi is scheduled to fly straight to his home in Aix en Provence on Tuesday, June 2nd. The doctors feel that Laconi will no longer need to stay in a specialist clinic for his recovery, as originally planned, but will be able to recover at home instead. The Frenchman still has a long way to go before he is back to full fitness, and will still need several weeks of absolute rest for the remains of the intercranial hematoma to disperse.

But the best news is that the outlook is good for Laconi. Though he still faces a long path ahead of him, Regis Laconi looks like making a full recovery, eventually.

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That is wonderful news, especially after the initial reports of left leg problems. I hope Regis makes a full recovery and (if he desires) returns to motorcycle racing.