Honda Offers Classic Two-Stroke NSR500 Ringtones

There are two things that people missed the most after the demise of the 500cc two strokes, and their replacement with the 990cc four-stroke MotoGP bikes: The noise and the smell. You can still experience the sweet smell of burning two-stroke oil by standing as close as possible to the track as the 250 and 125 classes howl by, but as fantastic as the smaller bikes sound, they're still no match for the crackle of the 500cc four-cylinder two-stroke machines.

Fortunately, Honda have a solution: On their historic website, they are offering brief sound clips of the championship-winning Honda NSR500 machine. The files are in MP3 format, and can be downloaded to a modern mobile phone for use as a ringtone, for example, or just for the sheer enjoyment of hearing an old NSR500 on full song. The NSR500 MP3 files can be downloaded from this page on the Honda website, part of the larger NSR500 history site at Honda.

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Gee what would we do with out our Honda ring tones. i carnt belive i waisted my time the last V5 tone, sounds like it is at Spain and is the best And dont the 990cc sound so much better than the 800cc

( this is off the site from Honda)
About the Honda RC211V

While the 2005 model was evolved to become the 2006 "Original" model, the "New Generation" model's engine underwent four steps, and the body underwent five steps of development before Round 11 in 2006, resulting in body stabilization and traction performance improvement in all aspects; from deceleration and comering, to acceleration. N.Hayden earned Honda's first title in the MotoGP class.

do Honda have a short memory? or they forget Rossi?