Dunlop To Be Single Tire Supplier In Moto2 Class

Any discussion of the Moto2 class almost inevitably led to the question of tires, and the puzzlement at the intention to allow free competition in the class. After all, the single tire rule had been introduced in the MotoGP class for the sake of reducing costs, and the justification most often given for the Moto2 class was just that, to reduce the cost of racing. Having open competition would surely increase costs, ran the argument.

It seems that this argument has not gone unnoticed by the Grand Prix Commission, the rule-making body for MotoGP. According to, the class will have a single tire supplier, in the shape of Dunlop. The deal has not yet been formally announced, but rumors in the paddock are strong, and such a deal is almost the only logical step for the Moto2 class. Dunlop are already the de facto single tire supplier for both the 125 and 250 classes, the other tire makers having long since departed. Details of the deal are expected to be announced soon.

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