First Fantastic Photos From Thursday's Superkart Race At Laguna Seca is once again fortunate to have Scott Jones live at Laguna Seca, shooting some more of his superb photos. The first of his shots come from Thursday's Day of Stars Superkart challenge, where champions young and old took each other on around Laguna Seca, in anticipation of this year's Red Bull US Grand Prix.

Right helmet, wrong suit.

Fast Eddie's hat

The Doctor asks Fast Eddie the quick way round Laguna 

King Kenny, on four wheels

"And here's where you stuff it up the inside of Lawson, and line up behind Rainey..."

Yamaha-to-Honda vs Honda-to-Yamaha

Rossi, Lawson, Rainey, Roberts

Casey Stoner, Chaz Davies and their respective partners look on.

Sete Gibernau considers a new career

Honda history on a laptop.

Will Valentino Rossi be seeing much of this on Sunday?

Or will he be watching his team mate instead?

We also have a couple of video clips of the event. First, a local news channel shows a brief preview of the event, featuring a vox populi with MotoGPOD presenter and friend of, Jules Cisek (he's the cool looking dude with the goatee).

And a fan video of the racing on track:

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