Live From Donington

After a quick dash across Germany, then down to Calais and up the M1 to the East Midlands airport, is coming to you live once again from Donington Park for the British Grand Prix. It's Thursday afternoon, and Scott Jones is off shooting photos at the Day of Champions, the special event put on every year at Donington to raise money for Riders for Health, the excellent charity that provides the support to get first-line health care to the remote parts of Africa. You can find out more about their vital work on the Riders website.

Despite the very English weather - sunny and pleasant one moment, pouring down a couple of minutes later - the crowds are out in force, the paddock full of people taking advantage of the rare chance to wander through and gaze at the hospitality units and snag the occasional autograph. The turnout is encouraging, and the chances are good of a big attendance, as this will be the last time the MotoGP class visits Donington before the whole circus shifts over to Silverstone in 2010.

The move was occasioned by Donington's successful bid to host Formula 1, but the track has an awful lot to do if it is to get ready for the masses of fans and the level of facilities required by the world's premier four-wheeled series. Right now, the vibe at Donington is not one of upmarket luxury, which they have to come to expect from the brand new tracks in the Middle and Far East.

The mood so far is a mixture of sadness and relief. Sadness at leaving the track behind - Except for the rather silly Melbourne Loop, Donington is still a fantastic track - and relief at not having to work in conditions more like the 1940s than the 21st century.

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You guys are doing great work. It is fantastic knowing that you are making it to the races as I know you are looking for the information that many other sources ignore.