Suter MotoGP Project To Use No Part Of Ilmor X3

The news that Eskil Suter and Gil Motor Sport are to enter MotoGP in 2010 was met with enthusiasm, but also some puzzlement. Initial reports had suggested that the GMS project would be based on the former Ilmor X3 bikes, but when asked Ilmor if they knew anything about this, they confirmed that they had not been approached by Eskil Suter about using the Ilmor X3.

The reason for this, it appears, is that the bike the team is hoping to field will be brand new, according to the French website Moto Caradisiac. Both engine and chassis are brand new, and designed and built by Eskil Suter's Suter Racing Technology company at their facility in Switzerland. The new engine bears no relation to the engine designed by Ilmor, with Suter claiming the engine will produce around 240 bhp - 25 bhp more than the Ilmor power plant - although it, too, will be a V4 configuration.

The chassis is also said to be brand new, though photos shown on the Moto Caradisiac website show the family resemblance that all of Suter's bikes bear, with angular forms and a prominent, stubby nose. The project is due to be finalized on September 30th of this year, when an announcement will be made in full.

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There are at least three industrial giants (Kawasaki, Suzuki and Ducati) who are in the business of building motorcycles. These enterprises have devoted millions upon millions of Euros or dollars to building competitive Moto GP bikes. They really haven't succeeded. How can any rational motorsport enthusiast feel excited about the prospect of a "Suter" running around dead last during the practices and the races.

At least Ducati should be happy that some other brand will be running around dead last. The people behind this ill advised project would be much better served just buying a Yamaha or a Ducati off of a local showroom floor and bringing it to the races. It would be a lot cheaper...and probably a lot faster...oh, wait...that's not legal it???

Melandri has shown what a lean team can do in MGP. Just because these teams are spending truckloads of cash that does not mean that they are spending it wisely. A private team spending 4-5million and running 10-15th place with a new bike is doing much better than Suzuki is with their current program. Even better than some Honda satellite teams, at least when contract time is not around. If they at least run reliably and on the same lap I'm sure it will drum up more engineering business for Suter, which is what it may all be about.

I think any rational motorsport enthusiast should be totally excited about a completely new constructor entering the series, regardless of where they place.

Hi everyone

The photos shown on the Cardisiac photos are clearly of the 2004 spec Kawasaki Moto GP Bikes. If you google it, you´ll notice the similar bikes angular lines, and it even has the "Fuchs" stickers on the sides, which sponsoerd the Kawasaki works oufit in the 2003-2005 era, before Elf came in scene.

About the Suzuki team, I guess (in my modest of opinions) that they have been misguided, at least in the riders sides. I believe it was a mistake to let go Spies but sticking with Capirossi, whom albeit having some great performances, they don´t come very often.

A team like Suzuki needs fresh, fast riders to up their pace of development, and not almost 40 riders like Loris (who is a fine rider, but not over there, to lead a works team...). I have hope that they can hire Bautista, who can show speed and results, so the team can stick a few more years in the series and not quit do to these lacklustre results of the past years.

Best regards to everyone

IMO, I do not think that it is the riders as much as it is the bike. Either it has comparably less power or is simply can't get the power to the ground. Loris has "out-rode" that bike on one or more occasion. As good as Bautista is, I doubt that he will finish any higher than Cap on the current version. It is simply not competitive.

Well there´s no arguing around that the bike isn´t competitive. From what I´ve seen in straightline speeds, the bike is some horsepower down on it´s competitors. And in the last few years, from Roberts Jr to Hopkins and Vermeulen, everyone complained of the same thing: "more power".

As I´ve said before, I think Capirossi is a great rider, but I think Bautista can make more difference KNOW in the sense that he´s one of those young hot-headed, fast guys that squeeze the bikes to their limit. He isn´t near his 40´s. He is a young talent who has a lot to proof in the upper class (agains top compatriots Lorenzo and Pedrosa) and wants to show that he´s good, not someone wanting to reach the retirement home in one piece.

Capirossi is fast when he wants. Look at his Mugello performance. If he is fast over there, with that huge straight, why can´t he do that on other circuits? I know it isn´t so simple as that, but I think he´ve could do more elsewhere.

Kevin Schwanz also criticized him in something like this: "I´m going to ride hard in Mugello because it´s my home race - Said Capirossi - Ok. Then why not do that in all the other races?" The same criticisim can be said to Elias, who only shows all he´s got to save his contract. Maybe they´ve should give him a race-by-race deal =D

As I´ve said before, Loris is a great rider. He isn´t about to take 300 starts in Moto GP because of luck. He´s been three times World Champion in the lower classes. But I believe that Suzuki needs a rider that can make a difference and push it hard all the way every sunday, because if they keep up with these "4th place best all season" performances, maybe the bosses back at Japan think it´s time to pull the plug and do a Kawasaki move. And neither of us wants that right?

But I don´t have nothing against Loris, this is just my opinion. I believe that next year maybe he and Bautista would´ve do a great team. Who knows? In my point of view it´s time to let new blood in.

I also criticize Suzuki due to their commitment. Hell, Ducati sells not even half the same bikes as Suzuki and they still field 5 different bikes in the GP. Guys like Aspar and even Kevin Schwantz showed interest in running a third bike and their answer is allways negative. Why? The crisis hit the series so hard and they don´t even push to get a decent grid.

Sure Suzuki is run by money, but comparing to Ducati, I don´t understand why they act like that. That and letting Ben Spies go away to Yamaha and keeping Caps. They don´t seem to be there to do some winning.

Best Regards to you Faster1 ;)