Pedrosa: "My Future Does Not Depend On Lorenzo"

That Jorge Lorenzo is holding up the MotoGP riders market is universally acknowledged. Whether Lorenzo decides to stay at Yamaha or make a dramatic switch to Honda will have a huge effect on the rest of the silly season, with seats opening up and being filled differently depending on the direction Lorenzo takes. Perhaps the most important of the players to be affected by Lorenzo's decision is Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa, with just about everyone believing that Lorenzo's entry at Repsol Honda would be immediately followed by Pedrosa's departure.

Dani Pedrosa doesn't see it that way, however. In an interview with the Spanish magazine Motociclismo, the Repsol Honda star is adamant that it is he who will make the decisions on his future, and what other riders do is irrelevant. "It doesn't matter to me what Mister Lorenzo does, he should do what he likes or what he can, but my future depends on how I'm feeling and my situation. If I'm not in the right place or have better opportunities, I'll try to take them. But I won't look at what Lorenzo does," Pedrosa told Motociclismo.

That decision may depend in part on how the Honda RC212V is performing. Pedrosa acknowledged that between his injuries and a lack of testing, the bike was nowhere near as competitive as it should have been. The problem, according to Pedrosa, was one of consistency: "You could go fast [on the bike] for a few laps, but making it work all race long has been the most difficult thing."

Things are starting to improve, however. Both Pedrosa and team mate Andrea Dovizioso received a new engine at the Sachsenring. This had made the bike easier to ride, but it is only one part of the puzzle. "A bike is built around an engine, but once you have the engine, you have to build a chassis, and how the chassis is depends on the engine," Pedrosa explained. "We are trying to see if what we have is sufficient, or whether we need to make modifications."

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