Aspar To Try To Prevent Bautista - Suzuki Deal

The next piece in the MotoGP silly season jigsaw puzzle could be about to fall into place. Reports in both the Spanish press (at Motocuatro and Marca) and at the Italian site are suggesting that Jorge Martinez, boss of the Aspar team, has called an emergency meeting with Alvaro Bautista's management to discuss the former 125cc champion's MotoGP plans. The meeting is due to take place on Thursday, in the paddock at Brno, and it is believed that Martinez will use the occasion to try a last-ditch attempt to persuade Bautista to join the Aspar MotoGP project and ride the Ducati left vacant by Sete Gibernau for next season.

For Aspar has a problem. Alvaro Bautista has already signed a pre-contract with Suzuki last summer, according to the reports, and is not inclined to pay the penalty which breaking that commitment would involve. As a result, Bautista is increasingly leaning towards finalizing a deal with Suzuki to ride for the Rizla squad for 2010. His choice is also influenced by the fact that he will be able to go straight to a factory team, Suzuki having received a dispensation from the rookie rule which forces new entrants to sign with satellite squads.

Up against this, Aspar can offer a contract directly with Ducati, but riding in the Aspar team. Bautista would be assured of strong support from Ducati Corse, and the option of moving up to the factory squad should his results be good enough. Of course, with so many riders struggling to tame the Desmosedici, Bautista may not want to risk that option, and the Spaniard has in the past flat out refused to ride the Ducati.

Whatever Bautista decides, Aspar will be announcing their MotoGP rider this weekend. Jorge Martinez told Marca that he will definitely be officially confirming their rider either on Thursday or Friday. But first, Martinez must await Bautista's decision.

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,, while I am on record for supporting Alvaro going to the Duc Squad, upon further thought (I just might have to accept it) there just might be more upside to the Suzuki deal. With fresh blood, the Zuk might get that cash/development infusion it needs to reinvent the wheel. If AB can score enough top 5s (in the dry) next year, it would be the equivalent to earning victories and he could "Melandri" his way to a proper ride in the following year. But then again, the Zuk could actually develop into a proper race bike, and he could stay.

,always finding the silver lining

rizla waited 'till the last moment to sponsor suzuki this year and rumours were rampant that suzuki would drop out after kawasaki made their shock announcement. the fact that the team is on the grid was a huge relief but will they be next year?

suzuki, unlike kawasaki, have a successful heritage in gp racing, so it's hard to imagine them dropping out, but you never know. loris is riding his heart out this year but the technology is letting him down.

meanwhile yamaha and honda are getting all the real sponsors and are pulling ahead at a frightening pace - results - money - results - money...

Interesting dilemma.

Sign with Suzuki who may not be there next year.

Sign with Ducati who may kill your career?????

Surely the Duc ain't that bad????

As Casey says, it's a bike with two wheels and a handlebar.

I still agree with Faster1. The Ducati is turning out to be a career ender. If Bati signs with Rizla, he could be a shot in the arm for a team that truly is in need of some fresh meat. He may be able to squeeze a little bit more out of the Suzuki, or, if he simply manages to keep it competitive, it could be a nice stepping stone to a better team in '11.
He's a talented rider, but I think, as a young rider, failure on the Ducati would be a heavy hit for him.

This really shouldn't be such a tough choice.

  • Ride for Suzuki
    • Finish near the top five on an underperforming bike, and your options for 2011 look good.
    • Worked for John Hopkins.
  • Ride for Ducati
    • Finish near the top five on a difficult bike, and your options for 2011 look good.
    • Kallio has represented himself well by being near the top six or seven.
    • Surely Bautista can do the same or a little better.

The only real difference is that Suzuki may not be around next year, so why sign with them?

Kallio is 15th in the championship right now. I can't see Bautista looking at that and thinking he want that for himself. Even if he thinks he is better than Kallio, that makes his target what, 12th?

Kallio seems to be getting a lot of credit for really mediocre results. Last year De Angelis was panned for doing better than Kallio is. I don't get it - and I like Kallio.

Kallios results: Qatar 8th, Motegi from the back of the pack to 8th, Jerez technical, Le Mans crash, Mugello 12th (?) (Ducati struggling in these three), Barcelona 9th, Assen crashes from 6th in the last lap, misses Laguna, defective tyre drops from 7th to 14th in Sachsenring, wrong choice to go to pits drops from 7th to 10th in Donington.

Points wise nothing great, pace wise consistantly between places 6-9, very impressive from a rookie in any (satellite) bike.

while beating some formidable seasoned veterans,, on better sorted machines,,

say it louder coyote, ",,from a ROOKIE"