Puig: "Pedrosa Hasn't Signed With Honda Yet"

Remarkable news from Brno. Just hours after Tetsuo Suzuki announced that HRC had reached a basic agreement with Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso, Pedrosa's manager, Alberto Puig, is denying that anything has been signed. The Spanish former racer, who has mentored Pedrosa for years, told the Spanish TVE television that Pedrosa in reality, nothing had changed, and that Pedrosa had not yet signed a contract.

According to reports by GPOne.com, Puig told TVE's Marc Martin that Pedrosa and Honda had reached agreement on the basics of the contract, but were still discussing a few minor details. This may explain why neither rider was present at the HRC boss' press conference this morning, as is usual when contract signings are officially announced. There can be little doubt that Pedrosa and Dovizioso will eventually sign an official contract with the Repsol Honda squad, but it seems that agreement and contractually binding documents are two entirely different things.

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,, One only wonders how much more Dani or Honda will allow when it comes to Puig negatively affecting his reputation. Seriously, when was the last time a Puig comment was anything close to positive or was considered helpful, or constructive. If it were just a matter of dotting the "I's" and crossing the "T's", why make a big deal of it only to ruin the Honda announcement. Sorry Dani, you need new friends (manager).

Still front and centre!
Any thoughts HRC had/have of sidelining him don't appear to have any effect on his own sense of place, do they?


Interesting to think of this difference between Lorenzo and Pedrosa. They both had managers who seem really contentious, controlling and even perhaps oppressive. Lorenzo got rid of his manager (his dad too) and seems to have exorcised a demon or two in the process. Perhaps Pedrosa should consider jettisoning Puig for this very reason, he may be having a detrimental effect on him mentally.

Is this posturing and dramatic behavior just something that comes with the territory with men from Spain and Italy? It seems that they are always in dire straits and need something to happen or else all is lost. I'm not saying it's improper, just that it may seem strange to many native English speakers or northern Europeans and be completely par for the course in areas with Mediterranean beaches. It may generate much eye rolling from some, but just indicate deserved zealous advocacy for others.

Que lastima!

I echo the above comments, and can't help wondering if maybe there's a contract signed with Pedrosa independent of Puig... 

Stop bashing Puig just for the sake of it, people. The HRC announcement explicitely said that they have "reached a basic agreement" with the two riders and nobody ever said anything about a signed contract. The whole thing looked more like a reassurance of the support of the factory for their riders and to silence the endless rumours about Lorenzo.

And as it is the nature of Spanish television they most likely just ran up to Mr. Puig first thing after the announcement and asked him about it and he said that nothing has been signed yet - which is neither a false nor a malicious statement! Dani by the way said just the same thing, both to TVE as well as to motogp.com. Nothing sensational or remarkable about that.

So even if you all hate the guy, try to take this in a neutral mode and considering just what he said and under which circumstances...

Brookespeed, please refrain from jumping to simplistic, ignorant conclusions, linking isolated, highly-visible incidents/behavior, that for whatever various biases happen to catch your eyes, as being uniformly attributable to entire regions, cultures, nations, ethnicity, race, etc. On a daily basis, there are millions upon millions of examples, I'm sure, of people of Mediterranean descent who do nothing resembling "posturing and dramatic behavior." It's just that, for whatever reasons, you are attuned to noting the ones that do. Do you seriously think that "native English speakers or northern Europeans" are "above" such behavior?

I am not of Mediterranean descent, and I have no particular desire to defend those of such descent. I'm just pointing out the stultifying ignorance that pervades so much of human societies, all human societies, that lead to so much needless complications. If Puig is an asshole (and, in reality, I don't know that he can be considered as one. From the point of view of Nicky, his camp, and his fans/defenders/apologists, he may be; on the other hand, whether or not Puig is ultimately good for Pedrosa's career, there is no denying that he is fiercely, fiercely loyal to him), and if Lorenzo's former manager and his father are assholes, that does not logically lead to the conclusion that all Mediterraneans - or Mediterranean "men" - are assholes. You know, if someone of a specific nationality, let's say, had scammed you, or had done you wrong in some way, you would probably be the type who would jump to the ignorant conclusion that all people of that nationality are scammers or untrustworthy. All too often, far more often than not, people jump to this type of simplistic conclusion based on convenience and prejudices. But, think deeper. Rationalize harder.

The point is that all peoples share all characteristics of being "human," good or bad. We are all assholes. The only difference is in terms of degree and frequency. You, I'm sure, have at some point done something that, in the eyes of another, would have pegged you as an asshole. That does not mean that you are an asshole all the time or exclusively. Again, it's just to what extent and how often. We are all obsessive-compulsive to varying degrees and frequency. We are all hypocrites to varying degrees and frequency. We are all capable of demonstrating "goodness" to varying degrees and frequency. Likewise, we are all ignorant to varying degrees and frequency. Just don't frequent ignorance so often.

Sorry for the rant, Dave. I know this is a forum to discuss MotoGP, and I would gladly adhere to that limitation, but I just had to address Brookespeed's ignorant comments, as it's just so reflective of such a prevalent human affliction.

Your analyses, BTW, are just awesome. It's just so obvious that you love, live, breathe this stuff. You delve into the intricacies of this world that I very, very rarely see anywhere else, and certainly not with such consistency. And it all seems so effortless for you, as you obviously find such inspiration from it. Thanks.

I think you missed the point and are out of line. I posed questions rather than made statements. My point was that while Puig is bashed for being antagonistic, abrasive and outspoken that his being disliked may be due to cultural differences that some people may not understand. The title of the post was a tongue-in-cheek reference to Puig suggesting several years ago in reference to Bradley Smith where Puig was quoted as saying, "The only thing he needs now is to get a bit more Latin punch and character!".