Indianapolis MotoGP TV Schedule - Live On Fox On Sunday

To many hardcore US MotoGP fans, the fans in Europe are absolutely spoiled. In most European countries, the MotoGP race is broadcast live on a free-to-air channel, and the 125cc and 250cc races are also usually shown either in full or as highlights. US fans, on the other hand, are forced to either wait until the race airs on Speed, usually later on the same day, and stay away from the internet all day to avoid finding out the race results; or fork out their hard-earned cash for a subscription, and watch the races as streamed live over the internet, hoping that their internet connection and Dorna's streaming media servers are up to the task at hand.

Fortunately, this won't be the case for Sunday's Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP race. To the joy of MotoGP fans based in the US, Sunday's MotoGP race from Indy is due to be screened live on Fox. According to that most excellent resource the TV Racer website, the race is due to be screened live at 3pm ET. You can find your local broadcaster through the Fox network / TV Guide listings page, though not being a resident of the US, deciphering the intricacies of cable TV providers was a little beyond me. Qualifying will be shown on Speed TV as usual, at 7pm ET.

UK-based MotoGP fans should be aware that though the BBC is due to show the race live, it will not be shown on BBC 2, which is MotoGP's usual home, but on the digital channel BBC Three instead, from 7:45pm (British Summer Time). So if you don't already have a Freeview or Sky+ receiver, you need to get your hands on one before Sunday. You can check the BBC schedule on the BBC's website

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The avoiding the Internet on Sundays has become sort of a ritual for me.

Having Qualifying on TV is an exciting novely for Americans.

Unfortunately, the commentary is usually Ralph Shaheen or some other idiot.

Being a US resident I subscribe to the MAJOR downside
to it all is when the race is in the US the website will blackout the race so you're either forced to watch it live on FOX w/ interruptions (looonnng commercials) or just wait til it's ready again on the website to view.

It's great having Moto GP on national TV in the US but they make no real effort to market it or educate the fans. Its like just playing some random "I love Lucy" episode when your baseball team's game is rained out.

If there were some marketing to new fans they'd easily get some good ratings.

I hope to not get surprised by a shock denial of Gav and Nick, but for all the US races that I haven't attended I've been able to have the nice picture on the TV and just listen to the non-crap commentary audio from (as well as the pre, post and during-commercial content that's missed on broadcast TV). I don't think I'd sit through the crap US TV commentary. I'd just wait and watch it later in the day. It's that bad.

Hmmm, I don't know. I watched the race and qualifying live on the internet last year, no problems.

Are you sure you're not thinking of the WSBK site? is a subscription based service so Fox can suck it. I've paid for it and there's nothing they can do about it. Now if they did somehow convince to black out the local race, I'd expect a pro-rated refund that's for sure.

Speaking of, I'm a firm believer in the subscription. People whine over the price, but if you really add it up it's worth every penny with everything you get.

Last year's CBS commentators were about as annoying and distracting as the commercials every 3 laps. You could sense the delay as they squinted for the number on the front of the bike, then scanned their cheatsheets to look up who the rider was, then butcher the pronunciation.

But it is pretty funny when they show holographic rider portraits for the nascar/nfl style stats screens.

This is my first year having shelled out the $$ for my sub which, by the way, is soooo worth it, definitely doing it again next season... speed channel is even worse for commercials, about every 2 laps it seems shuffling the same yamaha/suzuki ads ad nauseum.

I can only echo the comments of the previous posts, the "commentary" by Ralph Shaheen, is almost embarrassing to listen to! At least he is now getting the riders names correct, which is a major improvement, now if he could stop telling us all about knee pucks etc. on the penultimate lap (!) things would improve a little more.

Why cannot we have the normal commentary?

The advertising is terrible. MotoGP deserves better. On another note, I rode down to laguna Seca for the recent MotoGP which was great, however the continual stopping of the other races, AMA SBK etc. every time someone falls off is unnecessary, we left early because of that. Will have to think about going down next year.


It was either his "porky pies" slang or "absolutely side-by-side" that blew the minds of the folks at SPEED and they had to make it more boring than NASCAR so they hired their current sad on-air 'talent'. It's just awful. I'm sure this Ralph is a swell guy and I take no pride in bashing his efforts. But it is really embarrassing. I would be just as embarrassed if they hired me to call an F1 race.

While I was a huge fan of Scott Russel on the Muzzy Kawasaki,, there is absolutely nothing more offensive or irritating than AMA race commentary by Scott Russel. No Kidding. painful!

,,and as nice as Greg White is ,, he also has no business using a microphone.

Amen! I know how bad the US guys can be when it comes to commentary (even your regular AMA commentary is pretty ordinary) but it is often former riders who are the worst - our example is Darryl Beattie who does the Australian network MotoGP broadcasts. As a commentator he makes a damn good motorcycle racer.

We used to have Barry Sheene who was the opposite though - not a gifted speaker but always on the money when calling the action (and the potential action too).

Steve Parish and Roger Burnette in the UK are also pretty handy ex-racer commentators, as is Steve Martin (a general all round motorcycle superstar!).

... is great on the WSBK telecasts. Just another reason I love WSBK...

Although I must admit that at first I though Freddie Spencer was sub-par when he replaced David Sadowski (who was good) on AMA broadcasts. He improved quickly though, and I thought he was just starting to get good when he left. Too bad the whole AMA has gone down the crapper since then, so it doesn't really matter much anymore.

MotoGP will never break out of its small mind share in America as long as SpeedTV is broadcasting the non-US races. No pre-race buildup, no grid interviews, no post-race parc fermé face time with the podium winners.

We're lucky to get 80% of the laps shown at all in a SDD (same day delayed) broadcast if you factor in commercials.

Americans will again be short changed on Saturday as qualifying will not be aired until 5 hours after the fact yet the Belgium F1 practice on Friday will be broadcasted LIVE at 8am.

:: shakes head ::

It would be great for Dorna to look into switching its TV rights for MotoGP to Versus--they are rapidly becoming the network for "alternative" sports and MotoGP and WSB would fit in perfectly with their current line up of sports.

... after Speedvision became SpeedTV. I'm actually surprised SpeedTV gives F1 the respect they do, because in the U.S., F1 ratings are no better than MotoGP.

Remember when we used to actually be able to watch the WRC on TV?

It's the NasCrapification of America, and no, I won't even bother mentioning the AMA.

I've only been watching MotoGP for about 5 years now, but the first couple of years I've only watched it on SPEED. Then I found the website and signed up straight away! I couldn't believe what I was missing! I watched hours of footage on my computer screen, staying up until the wee hours of the morning just to watch my favorite riders. But the only problem was that it was on a small computer screen, so it was lacking something, and the quality of's feed definitely left a lot to be desired. But over time I gradually acquired a new tv and new video cards so that I was able to watch the races on TV instead! Bonus!
I can never watch a race on SPEED anymore. They might have one or two races with pre race stuff but that's if your lucky, and then they will cut to a commercial and leave out some of the best parts of the race. I mean, if you were editing a 45 minute race to show later, wouldn't you cut out all the boring stuff and keep all of the good passes and whatnot? Oh, of course you would, unless your SPEED! One race they'll show all 3 podium interviews. Others they will only show the winner. Some they won't even show at all! Sometimes they show the podium, sometimes just a clip. Sometimes pre-race, most times not. It's just so random, I don't think anyone really cares at that station.
So like someone else stated, MotoGP will never pick up in the States (or here in Canada) if SPEED continues to broadcast the races. Luckily though we have the official site that does give decent quality footage, and just the fact that you can watch 125cc, 250cc, and MotoGP FP1, (occasionally FP2), QP, WP, and the race, all live, and viewable later, well I encourage anyone who hasn't been there to check it out!
I've also been quite fortunate to have found a very lucrative source for the Eurosport and BBC broadcasts, either in SD or HD. If I can't watch the race live I'll watch one of those, but otherwise it's trying to stay up until 5am to watch any of the European races (which I just can't seem to do anymore! I think this weekend will be a welcomed treat.)

I totally agree with you 100% on Dorna revoking Speed's rights to broadcast MotoGP. It would be wayyy better off being shown on the Versus network.

During the Tour de France I was glued to the TV set and couldn't get enough of the repeated coverage.

Subscribing to is probably a better deal than having cable and watching the race on Speed and putting up with the commercials.

I've subscribed to I'm the past. But now here is Australia the foxsports channel is basically identical to the streaming (ads only between races). However, I kinda wish I could have Toby and Jules, (is that BBC?) those guys are genuinely funny, and BBC seems to have more rider interviews (Randy m etc.)

p.s. The Indy race is broadcast live here is Sydney at 2-6am!!!! Better set my video recorder I think!

I totally agree with all the previous comments. Speed is bad enough but when it's a US race and they broadcast on Fox - it's extra pathetic. I have no idea how they expect to increase their US audience with such a poor standard of commentary. Better to shell out the money and watch on methinks.

That having been said, I was at Indianapolis last year and I wasn't all that impressed with it as a venue. Never having been there before, I didn't realize how big it was or how high up the seats were. Looking down on the race was a little weird. We actually vacated the seats and stood up next to the fence to get a better feel for the whole being there live thing.

Enough of my whining - I'm starting to feel like Casey :) Here's to another great race in what is actually a great season.

I'm not sure how this comes out on the legal side from one locality to the next, but for the last 3 seasons I've completely passed on Speed/CBS/Fox in favor of getting all of my races on Racing Underground. Most of the captures are off the BBC or Eurosport broadcast and I get to see all qualifications, the race, and usually full interviews.

The downside is avoiding anything that can spoil the results for me for an extra day.

It comes out as completely illegal, in all territories. However, it is hardly surprising that hardcore fans turn to such illegal means when they are given little other choice. But the legally correct course of action would be to take out a subscription to 

Blessed are the torrent sites, for bringing us Eurosport. As for taking out a subscription to, I would, if their site wasn't so sub-par.