The Indy Mile - Unforgettable Photos By Scott Jones

One of the highlights of the Indianapolis GP weekend off the track was the Indy Mile. At 6pm on Saturday night there was a mass exodus from the paddock, as a lot of giddy Europeans headed down for what was to be there first experience of a flat track mile, and everyone was just completely blown away. There's a story on the mile to follow, but to get you started, here's a selection of Scott Jones' beautiful images from that event.

Flat track: Big when Pink Floyd were

By the time night fell, the grandstands were packed

The weapon of choice for a mile: A Harley-Davidson XR750

But it's not the only choice. Just ask Larry Pegram

Or Kenny Roberts


Kenny Coolbeth demonstrates the fast way down the back straight

Bryan Bigelow takes the inside line

That's why they call it hotshoe racing

The sound is simply unbelievable

Willie McCoy's Wausau Harley-Davidson

That's why they call him King Kenny

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