Rebranding Starts: Welcome To

The keen observer will already have noticed: Where previously the URL bar read, it now reads As one of the first steps towards a clearer and broader identity, is changing, and rebranding to be Over the coming months, design, branding and a few other changes will be coming to the site, and the first of those is the URL.

What does this mean to you? Hopefully, nothing at all. At most, some registered users may find they need to log in on the site once again, with their existing user name and password combination, but other than that, it should all just work simply and automatically. Our webservers are set up to automatically forward any requests from the old URL to If you have any problems at all, forward them to, and we shall do our best to fix them.

How will this affect our coverage of MotoGP, World Superbikes and the other events we occasionally cover? Quite simply, not at all. We will continue to cover the world of International motorcycle road racing in depth and with great analysis, with a special emphasis on MotoGP, and plenty of attention for World Superbikes and World Supersport.

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Ever since 'Kropotkin Thinks' morphed into MotoGPMatters I've been wondering whether Dorna would assert their 'rights'... especially given the more recent popularity that the site has enjoyed. Still the best MGP site around and I'm sure there will be no ill effects from the change-over. Congratulations on taking the next step with the site and brand! T-shirts done yet? : )

Change whatever you like but don't stop with the best up to coverage on the net without all the BS. You run a great site and I visit em all!

You would think that the geniuses at dorna would be paying this site for all of the work it and Krop are doing to promote this sport like no other. Instead, they get on your case about a name? Usually an action is supposed to create/prevent something. This one will remain a mystery.

Talk about eating the golden goose. ,, your welcome dorna.,, oh and while you were focusing your attention over here,, another bike left the grid,,, good work.

Quick, off-topic question, Dave, if you wouldn't mind:

You mentioned that you had interviewed Aoyama at Indy, but have not yet posted the interview. Not complaining, but just wondering, is it a matter of distributing out the content, to spread out the "juicy" bits over, say, slower periods such as now, more a matter of time required in compiling and editing, just a really busy schedule, or possibly other concerns, that result in most "publishers" (web included, of course) to delay such interviews for many days, if not weeks?

As an interview loses its pertinence over time with ever-newer developments, it's always nice to see one that is as current as possible; however, with the exception of a few sources, such practice seems to be a rarity. Wondering why.

It's a combination of a number of factors. The first is just time pressures: there's a lot of work involved in running the site, and it's hard to fit in everything I want to do. The second, as you say, is filling up empty space. There's four weeks (three weeks now) until Estoril, and so I need to fill that time with material. I hope to put the Aoyama interview up sometime over the weekend, or shortly afterwards. But transcribing interviews is a very time-consuming business, and I need an extended time frame to do so. Also, I try to judge how time-relevant an interview is. If Aoyama had told me things that were immediately pertinent to that weekend, I would have posted it as soon as possible. But it was more of a general overview of the season so far, and so it will still be fresh early next week.

I'm doing my best, but it just takes time ...

David, yours is the most interesting MotoGP based site on the web, so it's great to be able to extend that remit and move solely from the GP focus with the rebrand.

Can you tell me if this means we can expect news from BSB? - after all its a great feeder for WSB. A whole lot more silly season action there after all! I'd also love to see some TT coverage as I always struggle to find good stuff from the Isle of Man.

Thanks very much for keeping the site fresh with great content and insightful, er, insights. Its the first feed I check every day!

I would love to cover BSB and AMA as well, but right now, I just don't have the resources. I hope to have help with the World Superbike series soon, and once I start generating sufficient income from the site, then I may try and find AMA and BSB reporters too. But that will be at the very earliest next year, and probably later than that. So don't hold your breath ...

Actually, I think you've done a pretty good job of covering various issues from AMA & BSB that affect WSBK & MotoGP. Keep up the good work...

Keep the good stuff coming Krop!

Bummer though ... my work website filter has no love for

Hopefully it'll be unblocked in the near future!