Updated MotoMatters iGoogle Gadget Available

The switch from the old MotoGPMatters.com to our new MotoMatters.com domain has proved the point we have made several times about the law of unintended consequences. As with all changes, there are always details that you overlook, and the MotoMatters.com switch is no exception. Several readers have already contacted me about the iGoogle Gadget they have on their iGoogle homepage not working any longer. Unfortunately, the way that Google sets up gadgets means that it is impossible to edit existing Gadgets, and so as a consequence, I have created a new, updated iGoogle Gadget for MotoMatters.com. If you use Gadgets on your Google homepage, then just delete the existing Gadget, and click on the button below to add the new Gadget to your homepage. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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