Video: Lorenzo At 13 Years Old - "I Want To Be World Champion"

"Hi, my name is Giorgio Lorenzo, I'm 13 years old, and I want to be world champion." Prophetic words indeed. The Spanish website Daily Motos has a fascinating video sent to them by Chicho Lorenzo, father of Fiat Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo and produced by the Spanish TV station IB3, with fragments from Lorenzo's past. The Spanish-language video features footage of the Mallorcan prodigy riding as a 13 year old, as well as more recent shots of Lorenzo riding on the kart track that his father Chicho ran, and where Lorenzo learnt the skills that have taken him to being one of the best motorcycle racers in the world. The video was made after Lorenzo returned to Mallorca to stay with his father, the two now having reconciled their differences after the public and slightly acrimonious split when Lorenzo was in the 250cc class.

If you want to see what it takes to make a world champion, Chicho Lorenzo has posted several more of the videos he made while Jorge was growing up, including a couple of shots of a young Jorge racing, and one of the exercises that Lorenzo both complained about most in his book, and said that he learned the most from: doing figure of eights on tiny bike with no brakes. Watch it carefully, and you'll see Lorenzo lose both the front and the rear end at the same time, catch it and keep going.

Finally, a video of how Jorge Lorenzo learned to brake on a bike without brakes: by folding the front and sliding the rear, holding the bike up on his knee. Lorenzo did these exercises for hours every day after school, and those thousands of hours of practice finally paid off, turning out a man with two 250cc world championships, and widely tipped to take multiple championships in the MotoGP class. Whether he takes them before or after Valentino Rossi retires is another question altogether, though.

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"widely tipped to take multiple championships in the MotoGP class"



Also, it amazes me every time when I see kiddie footage of him, how his ego back then was already bigger than his tiny frame. Astonishing.

I blame his dad for all that crap. He seems a little more sensible these days.

Gotta have an ego to be a world champion. But since it's Lorenzo, I guess he's not allowed.

An ego is probably essential but Lorenzo's is a bit startling and probably the primary characteristic of his personality. It is also worth noting that no one said Lorenzo wasn't allowed, simply that his ego is remarkable. Is your goal to create conflict where none actually exists?

I'm just saying among the "smart fans" there's a double standard when it comes to Rossi and Lorenzo. Well Rossi and everyone else.

Rossi can do some self-indulgent celebration that's an inside joke between he and his hangers-on and everyone calls it brilliant. Lorenzo simply plants a flag and it's called being an egomaniac.

Just to clarify: I was only talking about Lorenzo. The article is about Lorenzo and I was commenting on HIS clearly huge ego, already highly visible in younger years. And I certainly didn't put anything more to read about that between the lines. Therefore it's a little overinterpreted that I in any way compared him with Rossi. Or anyone else for that matter. So I have absolutely no idea where your comment(s) is (are) coming from.

I have to agree with RatsMC that it reads a bit like you're creating a conflict where there is none, since none of your arguments had any base whatsoever in my first comment.