Order Of Accountants Finds Against Rossi, Claims 2.5 Million In Unpaid Bills

Money problems continue to dog Valentino Rossi. After having settled with the Italian tax authorities, news broke last week that the Italian was in dispute with his accountants over the amount of money he owed them. Cesaroni-Cappellini, the firm Rossi engaged to handle his tax dispute with the Italian tax service, claimed that Rossi owed them between 1.7 and 2.5 million euros, those amounts being a proportion of the 170 million euro tax bill that the accountants claim they saved Rossi.

The dispute was due to go before the Order of Accountants in Pesaro, the center nearest to Valentino Rossi and his company of accountants, and at that hearing, the Order of Accountants found in favor of Cesaroni-Cappellini, according to GPOne.com. Rossi now has 40 days to appeal the decision. If he does not, or if he does and loses again on appeal, The Doctor will be forced to pay the bills which remain unpaid.

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Like many I am a Rossi fan and I respect him for many things but this is disappointing. To not pay your taxes is one thing but to not pay people who work for you, when you do have the money, is wrong.

Assuming he doesn't have a genuine cause for not paying (can't imagine one) then he needs to pay up.