James Toseland And Cal Crutchlow To Be Yamaha's World Superbike Squad In 2010

It's a busy day for the Yamaha press office: After earlier announcing that Ben Spies was to switch to the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team, the Sterilgarda Yamaha squad announced that the seat that Spies is vacating is to be taking by the man making way for Spies at Tech 3. James Toseland, who has struggled to get to grip with the Bridgestone tires this season, will be returning to the World Superbike series, to race once again in the class where he has conquered two titles.

Joining Toseland will be the man still leading the World Supersport championship, Cal Crutchlow. Crutchlow has completely dominated World Supersport this season, but a mechanical and a mistake have tightened up the championship considerably. The young Briton had been angling for a seat in the new Moto2 class, as he felt this was his best avenue into the MotoGP series, but the two-year contract Crutchlow signed with Yamaha at the beginning of last season precluded the switch, as Yamaha will not be fielding any official entries in Moto2.

With a year of development on the long-bang R1, a double World Champion and the probably reigning World Supersport champion, Yamaha's World Superbike squad should be an extremely fearsome prospect. Whether the British duo of Toseland and Crutchlow will be able to match the impression left by the departing Spies or not is another matter entirely, but both Toseland and Crutchlow should be genuine World Superbike title contenders. 

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World Superbikes is going to need an American rider if they're going to sustain my interest. I mean, it's racing, so I'm always going to be interested, and I'm always going to root for Haga, but having a fellow countryman in the series, especially one who's doing well, does make a difference.

2009 has been a wonderful year in World Superbikes. Great racing and all that. But, jingoistic as it may be, had it not been for Ben's Peas, I wouldn't have had anywhere near as much fun.

With the death of AMA racing, there have to be a few worthy American riders available.

Would be my pick as the next American to move to WSBK. The problem is that he and Jamie Hacking are both relatively old in the grand scheme of things. After that you have young guys like Tommy Aquino and Josh Herrin and possibly Blake Young. Blake needs more seat time on the Superbike IMO. Aquino and Herrin would be awesome in WSS!

...Ben Bostrom? He has raced in Europe before and knows the game. I am not sure of his current contract status, but he seems to be an obvious option for getting an American in WSBK.

I really hope toesland gets a wildcard MotoGP ride at Silverstone. If his manager didn't arrange this, he should get on it, ASAP.

Good on him for taking the Yamaha WSBK ride. He obviously still has complete faith in his own abilities. But man is he going to get hammered if he doesn't have it on the podium week in week out. Those Spies comparisons might just take their toll next year. Spies of course doesn't have to do quite so much in MotoGP - although I expect him to podium once or twice.

Motorcycles fall over if you don't go fast